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Category: News, Date: 10 August 2023

Here at Let’s Go, alongside our mates at Pedders Suspension & Brakes, we cherish these journeys and are thrilled to introduce the first winners of our Pedders5K competition for the month of July, Tina and Stuart!

Hailing from the regional Queensland town of Emerald, this camping-loving duo has officially secured $5000 in towing upgrades, courtesy of Pedders.

Unveiling the Winners: Tina and Stuart from Emerald, QLD

Tina and Stuart’s love for camping has been deeply ingrained in their family’s fabric.

With two kids – Taylah and Dylan – both now 28 (and twins), the family has shared a passion for camping for decades.

“We had a camper trailer while they were growing up,” Tina reminisces. “Always went as a family, and we still go even today with their kids.”


Just like Tina and Stu, you can be a winner too!

There are currently two more chances to win, so don’t miss out.

All you have to do is head on over to our competition website and answer one question: Where is the best spot you can go camping in Australia with an upgraded towing rig?

You’ll then go straight into the running to win a HUGE $5000 voucher to use for towing upgrades at Pedders Suspension & Brakes!

For Tina and Stuart, camping is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life.

Their commitment to exploring the outdoors is admirable, with them setting out nearly every time they can break free from routine. “This time of year, we go monthly,” Tina revealed.

“In the summer, it’s more sporadic due to the heat, but we love getting off-grid.”

It’s this dedication to experiencing the beauty of nature that sets them apart.

Aside from the camping, the pure excitement and gratitude from Tina and Stuart on winning the competition was next level.

“We are so over the moon and excited with our prize,” Tina said.

The Pedders5K competition has not only given Tina and Stuart the opportunity to give their Mazda BT50 some TLC, but it’s given them a chance to get out camping yet again!

What’s next for Tina & Stu?

With their extensive camping experience, the couple have discovered some remarkable spots through their journeys.

“The best is up in Currumbin,” Tina shared, “even Burketown was so lovely.”

Their well-travelled journey took them to diverse locations, making their love for camping even stronger.

With a brand-new car purchased just a year ago, Tina and Stuart were keen to enhance their towing capabilities, and the Pedders voucher prize couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We wanted to get a lift kit put in it because we have a caravan,” Tina explained. “Works out so well to be able to tow our van without our BT50.”

This upgrade not only makes their travels smoother but also allows them to explore new horizons without limitations.

We are delighted for Tina and Stuart, especially as they are avid campers who will really benefit from these great products from Pedders,” said Keelan Howard, General Manager of Marketing at Let’s Go Caravan & Camping.

“Pedders offer fantastic products and like us, share our values on road safety. We wish Tina and Stu many happy and safe camping adventures,” he said.

Why do Tina and Stuart have such a profound love for camping?

“It’s just so relaxing,” Tina said, “You don’t have any worries about everyday life like you do at home.”

The sense of liberation and tranquillity that camping provides is what keeps them coming back.

Sharing campfires and camp meals with fellow campers has led to some fantastic life-long memories, connections with people from all corners of the country.

So, where do Tina and Stuart’s next adventures lead?

“We want to go up the Cape and have a look,” Tina said, “Take the van to Cairns and just head on up from there.”

Their eagerness to explore new destinations is infectious, reflecting their unquenchable wanderlust.

The road to becoming Pedders5K competition winners wasn’t without its surprises.

“We applied to be in it to win it,” Tina chuckled, “But when we saw the email from Luke (A Let’s Go Caravan & Camping GM) on that Sunday, I thought it was a scam, but my husband reassured me that it was legit!”

Their spontaneity led them to an unexpected win, proving that there’s so much of Australia to uncover.

Just a quick reminder:

The party isn’t over just yet!

There’s still 2 more winners to be announced, so don’t miss your opportunity to end up like Tina & Stu- be sure to enter ASAP.


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