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How Caravan and Camping Adventures Boost Happiness – International Day of Happiness

Category: News, Date: 19 March 2024

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Celebrate International Day of Happiness with Caravan and Camping!

A love of camping often develops from the mood boosting, stress reducing, relationship building experiences that come with it! But did you know the happiness we feel when camping is actually supported by research?

The Let’s Go Real Richness Report reveals that Australians who camp are happier than those who don’t – they also feel more satisfied and optimistic and less stressed and lonely. The far-reaching benefits of camping go a lot deeper than we realise!

Did you know that, on an average day:

  • 56% of campers feel happy, compared to 29% of non-campers
  • 12% of campers feel stressed, compared to 21% of non-campers
  • 3% of campers feel lonely, compared to 15% of non-campers
  • 85% of campers feel close to their spouses, compared to 65% of non-campers
  • 71% of campers feel close to their grandkids, compared to 51% of non-campers

The stats don’t lie! Campers feel more positive, energised and happy than non-campers. But what are the reasons behind the ‘happy camper’ attitude?

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How Camping Boosts Happiness

There are a number of ways, supported by research, that camping boosts happiness. Some of the main benefits of camping include:

Reduce Stress Levels

Camping by-nature involves being in-nature! Time spent camping generally includes more time spent outside, near green open spaces and doing activities in the outdoors. Research has shown that being in nature lowers stress levels and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

“I have a very high stress job that requires me to listen to a lot of terrible stories. Camping and being with my loved ones in nature is the ideal way to switch off for a while for me and also forces me to be a lot healthier – my job is primarily sitting and camping requires a lot of walking and effort usually!” Real Richness Report

Improve Sleep Quality

Research shows that spending time outdoors and being exposed to nature light regulates your biological clock and circadian rhythm, which means you sleep better! In addition to this, regular exercise such as hiking, walking and swimming has also been shown to improve sleep quality. This means that your camping trip may be improving your mood and energy levels, making you happier & healthier!

“I once heard it described that our stars are nature’s TV. Love sitting around a campfire at night – it’s very grounding.” Real Richness Report

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Increase Physical Activity

Being a largely outdoor experience, campers are often more physically active than non-campers. In fact, 68% of campers say they are somewhat or extremely active compared to 46% of non-campers. Research shows than increased physical activity can reduce stress, improve mental health and promote confidence. If you want to feel better on this year’s International Day of Happiness, get outside and move!

Enhance Creativity and Productivity

This one might surprise you, but there is evidence that spending more time outdoors – camping for example – can actually improve your creativity, focus and problem-solving abilities. This may be due to increased energy levels and less boredom but if you’re struggling with productivity, a camping trip may be the answer!

“Camping is family time, where we all go to bed in the caravan together and wake up together. Have breakfast together and no-one needs to go anywhere or do anything separately. It’s time well spent!!” Real Richness Report

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Foster Connection

Finally, one of the key benefits of camping is it can help you foster connection and improve relationships! When people go camping, they go with family and friends, or they make friends on the trip. A camping trip is a perfect way to spend quality time with the people you love. Often removed from common distractions – work, social media, video games, background noise – camping provides the ideal environment to grow closer to people and forge stronger relationships. An additional benefit of time spent with loved ones is it can improve our mental health and make us happier & healthier.

So, what are you waiting for? For this International Day of Happiness, plan a camping trip with your loved ones and experience your life change for the better and feel the happiness flow!

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