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15 Ways To Decorate for A Summer Christmas

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 26 October 2023

How do you decorate the van for the festive season? Tell us in the comments!

Christmas in Australia is a unique and cherished holiday, and decorating your caravan for this special season can turn it into a mobile winter wonderland, even during the summer heat.

While traditional Christmas decor often includes snowflakes and cozy knits, down under, it’s all about embracing the warm, sunny weather.

We’ll explore how to decorate your caravan for an Australian Christmas in the summertime.

1. Light Up Your Caravan

Christmas lights are a must for setting the festive mood. Opt for solar-powered fairy lights or LED lights to reduce energy consumption.

String them around the exterior of your caravan or awning for a warm, inviting glow.

Consider using colourful lights to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere or stick to traditional white for a classic look.

View some festive lights here.

2. Natural Aussie Elements

Since it’s summer during the Christmas season, incorporate the beauty of the outdoors into your decor.

Collect native Australian flowers and leaves, such as eucalyptus branches and bottlebrush blooms, to create stunning, fragrant wreaths or table centrepieces.

These elements not only look beautiful but also connect your decor to the Australian landscape.

3. Beachy Vibes

Many Australians spend Christmas by the coast, so why not bring the beach to your caravan? Incorporate seashells, driftwood, and beach-themed decorations.

Hang a fishing net adorned with starfish and seashells for a coastal touch or add beach towels and surfboards to complete the look.

4. Tropical Christmas Tree

Swap the traditional pine tree for a tropical alternative.

A potted palm or a small native tree can be decorated with lightweight, unbreakable ornaments.

Hang colourful beach balls, paper lanterns, and mini surfboards for a cheerful, summery vibe.

5. Christmas in Bloom

Take advantage of the summertime blooms!

Set up potted plants, such as frangipani or bougainvillea, in vibrant pots around your caravan.

These not only add color but also a lovely fragrance.

Alternatively, hang hanging baskets with colourful flowers to create a lively atmosphere.

6. Bright and Breezy Fabrics

Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics for your caravan decor.

Swap out heavy curtains for sheer, airy ones.

Use festive tablecloths and throw pillows in bright, cheerful colours or tropical prints to create a comfortable and inviting space.

Check out this festive table cloth here.

7. Summer-Themed Ornaments

Embrace the sunny weather by decorating your caravan with summer-themed ornaments.

Hang colourful thongs (flip flops for our overseas friends), ice cream cone garlands, and inflatable pool toys for a playful, laid-back ambience.

Find more summery ornaments here.

8. Solar-Powered Decorations

In the Australian summer, harness the power of the sun with solar-powered decorations.

These can include solar fairy lights, wind chimes, and even solar lanterns.

Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also add a touch of magic to your caravan once the sun sets.

Check out these lights from Bunnings Warehouse here.

9. BBQ Cookout Decor

Barbecues are a staple of an Aussie Christmas!

Decorate your outdoor cooking area with Christmas-themed aprons, colourful plates and utensils, and a festive tablecloth.

Consider using a tinsel-covered BBQ cover for added flair.

10. Christmas in the Sand

If you’re camping near the beach, consider hosting a Christmas in the sand.

Arrange a picnic or barbecue on the beach with colourful beach towels, an ice chest, and a beach umbrella.

Add festive touches like a beach-themed Christmas tree and sandcastle decorations.

11. Relaxing Outdoor Lounge

Create a cozy outdoor lounge space under your caravan’s awning.

Use lightweight and comfortable seating options, like deck chairs or hammocks, decorated with Christmas-themed pillows and blankets.

This provides a relaxing place to enjoy the summer festivities.

12. Holiday Tunes

Set the mood with a playlist of classic Christmas carols, Australian Christmas songs, and some laid-back summer tunes.

Make sure to have portable speakers on hand for carolling and dancing by your caravan.

13. Fresh and Fruity

Keep cool with a refreshment station featuring chilled fruits like watermelon and citrus.

Create a tropical fruit salad bar and serve icy beverages to help combat the heat and keep everyone refreshed.

14. Aussie Christmas Crafts

Get creative with the family by organising craft activities.

Collect seashells to paint, create homemade ornaments with beach finds, or design your own Christmas-themed beach hats and thongs (flip-flops).

15. Sustainable Decor

Consider the environment when decorating your caravan. Use reusable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible, and be mindful of waste.

Encourage your fellow campers to reduce, reuse, and recycle as part of your sustainable Christmas celebration.

In summary, decorating your caravan for an Australian summer Christmas can be a fun and creative experience.

Embrace the warmth, sunshine, and natural beauty of the Australian landscape while adding festive touches to create a truly unique and enjoyable holiday atmosphere.

Whether you’re camping by the beach or in the bush, these ideas will help you celebrate Christmas in style while staying cool and comfortable in your caravan.


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