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Community Welcomes RVs: Narrabi Shire

Category: News, Date: 20 June 2018

Look out for the ‘Community Welcomes Recreational Vehicles’ signage on your next trip and rest easy knowing that your destination is equipped to welcome you and your caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or campervan. This month we are profiling Narrabi Shire.

These towns have made a commitment to offer easily accessible long vehicle short term parking within the town centre and have clear directional signage to their local visitor information centre.

Narrabri Shire is truly an agricultural wonderland and with a wealth of excellent tourist attractions you are sure to be entertained for days.

One glimpse of a clear night sky will leave you with no doubts as to why this region is known as “Big Sky” country. The seemingly endless horizons have facilitated the growth of the CSIRO Australia Telescope Compact Array, whose six radio telescopes are gleaming beacons of scientific advancement.

The natural wonder of the Nandewar Ranges and Mt Kaputar National Park will keep even the most reluctant of bushwalkers enthralled, while the seemingly endless fields of cotton and wheat are sure to impress.

Add historical museums, Yarrie Lake, a hot artesian bore bath and art shows to this mix and you’re guaranteed many fun–filled days in Narrabri Shire. The Crossing Theatre shows the latest movies as well as a broad spectrum of stage productions, concerts, professional sporting nights and much more. A great range of local businesses and a warm welcome also await, promising unforgettable memories of your visit.

The Visitor Information Centre is here to help you and, with a great selection of local souvenirs, historical books and delicious regional produce, is an essential stop on your Narrabri Shire itinerary.

The town’s facilities also include churches, historical walks, a winery, bird routes and more.

If you want to get more of a glimpse into this fantastic area, you can visit the Narrabri Shire Youtube Channel.

For more information, please visit the Community Welcomes website.

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