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Check out these CRAZY Camper Stories

Category: News, Date: 13 August 2023

Sometimes, things don’t always go the way we plan- especially when it comes to camping trips.

Embarking on outdoor adventures has a way of unearthing the unexpected, inviting us to embrace the wild and unpredictable side of nature.

In our quest to capture the essence of these untamed experiences, we turned to our Facebook community of fellow caravanning & enthusiasts.

Sift through the treasure trove of responses and join us on a journey through the uncharted territories of campfire lore, where ordinary outings transform into extraordinary escapades.

So gather ’round as we delve into a collection of hilarious and crazy stories from your fellow campers.

A Large Cassowary Said Hello…

“When I was 13, my mum took my brother and sister to Mission Beach to camp. We were making dinner one late afternoon and cutting up vegetables. I had the sweet potato. Next minute, a large cassowary came up to our camp site and started chasing me. I’d never seen one before and just kept running. I didn’t know they ate fruit and vegetables. I should’ve just dropped the sweet potato…..”

The Naked Swede

“In 1977 myself and 2 friends from school went camping on Great Keppel Island (first time camping without our parents), we had just finished setting up our camp on a remote beach when this Swedish backpacker chick set up her tent next to ours and immediately took off all her clothes, she stayed that way for the whole time she was there( 3 days )…”

Holy Cow!

A story my parents liked to tell my twin and I, 1969 they woke up one morning and my twin sister was missing from the tent 10 months old, after a horrific run around they found shed rolled out of the tent and a cow was staring in her face from the other side of the fence!

An Issue With The Food Handling..

“Group of us camped in a NP on the coast, after everyone had been to the beach, one of the ladies returned to her tent – she came screaming out in one direction and a huge goanna belted out the other direction after being busted raiding the food box.”

The Baby Boom

“A lady had a baby in their tent, beside us. We woke up to all this moaning & groaning & thought something else was happening until we heard the yang of a newborn baby. Then she proceeded to keep the placenta attached, sat beside her in a cane basket. No hospital visit & asked us not to ring an ambulance either, then packed up later that day……gone!”

A Bouncy Encounter

“I’ve been camping at Dalmeny Camping Ground every Dec/Jan for 44 years. Jan 2023 sitting around campfire with hubby. Hear a noise, sounded like kids running, thump thump thump. Next thing I felt a whoosh go over me. Look up thinking what the heck was that. Other campers are looking around in astonishment. A big 7ft grey kangaroo had come bounding down the gravel road, come around the corner and leaped over me and my chair. In fright bounded into an open annexe, came out and tripped over tent ropes, got up and bounded over to an empty block. Let’s say my heart was pumping fast that night.”

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