Camping inspired activities you can do at home

Category: Date: 4 April 2020

So you’ve set up your cubby house or tent at home, rolled out the sleeping bags, and set up your very own mini campsite. But what’s next?

If you want to add an authentic feel to your at-home camping trip, we’ve put together a few suggestions of fun activities you can do with your family, kids, partner, or whoever else you live with!

-Star gazing: One of our favourite parts about camping is seeing all the stars in the night sky, and this is something you can do at home too! If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, set up some blankets and pillows outside, or if you don’t have a backyard you might be able to look for constellations from your balcony, driveway or even out the window. Alternatively, you could purchase glow in the dark stickers for your bedroom roof to make your very own night sky inside.

-Tell ghost stories by torchlight: Campfire ghost stories are a classic, but we definitely don’t recommend you start a campfire at home! Instead, you can use torchlight in your tent at home to create that spooky vibe. If the ghost stories are good enough, we guarantee you’ll forget that you’re not at a regular campsite!

-Make a camping recipe: We’re not going to lie – camp cooking is one of our favourite parts of our trips. We’ve put together a few ideas here that you can easily recreate at home to add some atmosphere to your holiday at home.

Get crafty: Whether you’re a craft expert, a natural artist, or have never picked up a paint brush in your life, arts and crafts have something for all ages and ability. It could be as simple as play-dough or finger painting, or you could step it up with bigger projects like scrapbooking or making a map of your neighbourhood – the options are endless! With Easter coming up, decorating Easter baskets is a great festive option too.

Play camping games: Put the consoles away, we’re talking good old-fashioned campsite games. Cards, board games, and puzzles are great for inside, or if you’ve got space outside you can do things like lawn bowls, finska, spotlight, or a backyard scavenger hunt.

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