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Campers’ Share Their Most Adventurous Activities

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 3 September 2023

Have you got any crazy camping stories? Tell us in the comments!

Camping is the perfect opportunity to launch into the unknown and try something new.

A sense of adventure begins to surface the second you touch down on the campsite- sparking up excitement you never knew you had.

We took to our Facebook page to see what campers had to say about their most adventurous activities undertaken on a camping trip.

See what they had to say here:

  1. John S – Cave exploring
  2. Garry P – Barramundi fishing in the Northern Territory in crocodile-infected waters
  3. John D – Swimming in Straddie, Point lookout gorge
  4. Gary F – Geocaching… walking miles through bushland, avoiding brown snakes and spiders to get to a cache… well worth the hike.
  5. Heath W – I like to go surf fishing at night. Look at the stars and watch all the trawlers and ships cruise past 🎣🍻
  6. Tasha B – Swimming with snakes 🤦‍♀️ Not by choice 🙄
  7. Laurie H – Relaxing…
  8. Josh C – Half the access to my fishing spots is literally life or death
  9. Kat A – Abseiling
  10. Darren D – Drinking beer in my undies
  11. Elaine P – Going to tell a drunken group of yobbos to stop their screaming and swearing at 3 am.
  12. C-j S – Hanging with my bestie
  13. Susan F – Treetops adventure hollybank – nerve-wracking but worth it
  14. Trevor S – Looking after kids while trying to fish
  15. Carolyn A – Cage diving with great whites (Port Lincoln SA), swimming with whale sharks (Ningaloo WA), and always up for wild swimming in gorges or rivers (Karajini, Western McDonalds, Mossman etc)
  16. Ian T – White water rafting down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
  17. Carole G – Finding the toilets in the dark when drunk.
  18. Susan D – Sleeping on the shower floor in the shower block as hubby was heavily snoring (after a day of drinking 🤣)
  19. JohnJanice B – Putting the awning up.
  20. Ray J – As a 70 yr old doing the world’s highest canyon swing in NZ. Enjoyed it so much I did it again straight away
  21. Lamar Q – Taking my kids
  22. Dirce C – Going home!
  23. Danny T – Wife and I kayaking 500+kms down the Murray Euston to Renmark, unsupported.
  24. Anne A – A one and a half-hour sunset camel ride at Silverton Outback Camels. A truly unforgettable experience.
  25. Tracy G – Climbing up to sleep in the kid’s top bunk!
  26. Clifford L – Sitting in my camp chair with a rod in the water…!!
  27. Lyle W – Looking at my ⌚️
  28. Ursula’s Ultimate Adventures – Oohh my first time kayaking in Lawn Hill among the crocs! 🙄 a few years ago. Last year swimming with a pool noodle to a waterfall at Edith Falls, I’m not really brave!
  29. Roslyn M – We used to camp at the mouth of the Daintree River and fish at night (before there were so many crocs) 40 odd years ago
  30. Bob D – Swimming in the Torrens River in Adelaide with pyramas.
  31. Di F – 3 am walk to the toilets in pouring rain….dam scary
  32. Mark S – Trying to do the horizontal boogie in a camper trailer without waking the kids
  33. Nick E – Walking back to the NRMA Bright Holiday Park through Morses Creek, following a long wine tasting at Billy Button Wines 🥂🍷🍷🥂
  34. Andrew G – Camping & fishing with our feet in the water the Ord River out of Kununurra “not as many crocs back in the 80’s” still bloody crazy now i think about it.
  35. Dianne S – White Water Rafting
  36. Julie S – Travelling around Australia with 3 small children in a camper with no toilet in 1988!
  37. Simone M – Relaxing
  38. Anne K – Zip lining
  39. Marlene B – Swimming with the whale sharks at Exmouth in 45 meters of ocean
  40. Tanya N – 4wding along tracks people told me I would never make it through. Almost rolled my Patrol, but didn’t, so had an amazing adventure.
  41. David B – Walking to the toilet
  42. Quenton G – Shouldn’t say on a public forum, but oh well, being promiscuous, gold tops, swimming with crocodiles by accident – not all on the same day/night.
  43. Olivia M – Camping with 4 kids! 😉🤣🤣🤣🤣
  44. Darryl H – Walking through swamp bare feet feeling and catching anacondas
  45. Lorraine P – Skytrek on Willow Springs Station SA
  46. Sheridan K – Playing cricket with my friend Linda
  47. Nola W – Creating a bush loo
  48. Hilary S – Renting too close to the river in Kakadu
  49. Chris T – Sub Jim beam black cans
  50. Kerry H – Walk along the tree tops
  51. Kerrie M – Sleeping in a swag with a dog!
  52. Jayne J – 5 minutes dancing “Nutbush City Limits” for a world record 😂 ⭐️
  53. David P – Drinking. Ricky Wild Robert Elliott 😂
  54. Natty N – Sleeping in a tent ⛺️
  55. Sandra C – Spider walk at Karijini Nat Park
  56. Pat W – Does skinny dipping count..
  57. Sharon C – Carnarvon Gorge
  58. Jamie P – Climbing Ayers rock, Bungy jumping, Kings Canyon rim walk
  59. Billie-Jo G – Libby Evans … kauri coast amazing race, the river!
  60. Love P – Getting out of my camp chair 🤣
  61. Ash S – Connor Beggs fireball 😉🤣
  62. Julie A – Lancaster – Doing the BridgeClimb Sydney at 73!
  63. Mark C – Sleeping
  64. Alison H – Getting off the boat and into Lake Argyle



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