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Campers Share Their Favourite Quotes

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What are your favourite camping quotes? Tell us in the comments!

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just dipping your toes into the world of caravanning, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’ve set out to capture the heart and soul of our community’s love for the open road and asked our audience to share their favourite camping quotes.

We’ve delved into the treasure trove of quotes shared by our awesome Facebook community, each one a snippet of insight, humour, and camaraderie that speaks volumes about the true Aussie camping experience.

So, chuck on something comfy, grab a cuppa, and join us as we explore the collection of quotes that truly embody the magic of hitting the road, setting up camp, and savouring the wonders of our sun-soaked land down under.

  1. Scott E said: “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”
  2. Lance D said: “What happens on camp stays on camp.”
  3. Made N said: “Leave is as good or better than you found it.”
  4. Andrew M said: ““Oh the serenity”
  5. Andrew H said: “Why speed, we are on holidays.”
  6. Nadine G said: “From where I’m standing it’s straight.”
  7. Tony T said: “Turn the bloody music down.”
  8. Ron C said: “There’s never enough Rum.”
  9. Anne H said: “Spencer park.”
  10. Chris G said: “If you don’t use it more than twice don’t take it next time.”
  11. Lauren B said: “She’ll be right.”
  12. Darren D said: “I’ve packed the esky.”
  13. Dave B said: “Rodney Peake saying Stews Ready.”
  14. Kerry G said: “Camp deodorant aka insect repellent 🤣”
  15. Kell W said: “Bundy o clock 🤪”
  16. Brenda C said: “I will be back!”
  17. Carol C said: “I’ve come all this way.”
  18. Travers C said: “It doesn’t get much better than this.”
  19. David R said: “Put another log on the 🔥.”
  20. Kay K said: “The other LEFT!”
  21. Michael A said: “This is drop bear territory!”
  22. Charley S said: “Kiss- keep it simple stupid.”
  23. Jay T said: ““We’re on the road again”…tra la la!”
  24. James C said: “Yo.”
  25. Amy C said: “This is living Barry.”
  26. Chris H said: “What are all the poor people doing.”
  27. Shane C said: “Don’t be a d***!”
  28. Isobelle B said: “She’ll be right mate. Applies to everything.”
  29. Ross K said: “It’s 10 o’clock somewhere.”
  30. David B said: “Better to be looking at it then looking for it.(Fuel)”
  31. Julie M said: “Clean one mess up before you start another 😆 VanLife”
  32. Stuart S said: “You get what you get no point getting upset.”
  33. Steve N B said: “How’s the serenity.”
  34. Matthew R said: “What everyone says when the smoke follows them around the fire.”
  35. Perry S said: “FFS is that your left or my left 🤔🙄😵‍💫🤷‍♂️”
  36. Garin M said: “That’s my spot.”
  37. Scott S said: “This is living ⛺️.”
  38. Loz S said: “So, here we are.”
  39. Patricia F said: “Wonder what the rich people are doing today.”
  40. Michael T said: “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.”
  41. Fisher F said: “Marge, the rains are ‘ere!! (Every bloody time we camp). ☔️”
  42. Fiona S said: “”Livin the dream””
  43. Scott H said: “Every day is Saturday!”
  44. Nicky S said: “It’s 10 o’clock somewhere in the world 🌎 😎”
  45. Lou-Ray B said: “Been there; done that!”
  46. Deborah T said: “It’s beer o’clock!🍺”
  47. Tony G said: “Do we have bog rolls?”
  48. Leah D said: “Mundi Mundi 🤟🤟”
  49. Cathy T said: “Just listen!!!!”
  50. Deralene R said: “Parking up, happy hour time 😜”
  51. Kathryn M said: “”We’re going to Bonnie Doon””
  52. Bronwen C said: “What day is it, and what date??????”
  53. Cheryl M said: “Cup of tea and a bun. Our favourite saying when we saw other campers pulled up at a stop at 10.00am.”
  54. Rick E said: “Are we there yet?”
  55. Jeremy D said: “Aaaah!”
  56. Jeff B said: “Where have you come from? or where are you going?”
  57. Darren L P said: “Keep going….keep going…….keep going……F*** SAKE!!!!”
  58. Bernie K said: “Set up chairs up heads up🍻”
  59. Lindsey C said: “The best campfire I’ve ever been to is the next one.”
  60. Deborah H said: “Happiness begins when the asphalt ends.”
  61. Gaile R said: “To neighbours, which way are you heading/where have you come from? Its 5 o’ clock somewhere, right.”
  62. Mark N said: “More rain!!!!”
  63. Julie V said: “On the road again! (We sing it as we set off)”
  64. Cindy W said: “Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance.”
  65. Andrew L said: “Never buy a Royal Flair Raptor caravan.🤦‍♂️🇦🇺”
  66. Jayne C said: “”This is Livin'””
  67. Julie L said: “This is livin'”
  68. Leanne M said: “Wonder what the rich are doing lol 😆”
  69. Neil R said: “Shut the gate.”
  70. Nicole R said: “Wonder what the poor people are doing.”
  71. Cindy N said: “Adventure time 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼”
  72. DiandGeoff M said: “BLOODY FlIES.”
  73. Brock L said: “Kane Ibbott Brock, get in the car.”
  74. Shazsteve H said: “Stubbie time”
  75. Kylie M said: “Nothing a beer won’t fix.”
  76. Nagy-Leicester A said: “”Ahhhh, the serenity””
  77. Glenn H said: “One more before dinner (then more, then dinner at 11pm).”
  78. Colin M said: “Wonder what the poor people are doing.”
  79. Michael G said: “Looks like rain.”
  80. Julie F said: “Same motel room, different view! 👍”
  81. Debbie S F said: “The serenity ✨️”

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