Campers dish on the most essential lessons they’ve learned from camping

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What are some essential lessons you’ve learnt from caravanning & camping? Tell us in the comments!

Ready for some down-to-earth camping insights? Well, we’ve got a treat for you.

This one’s a gem, featuring raw and real takeaways straight from our friends over on our Facebook page.

No frills, just fellow outdoor enthusiasts sharing their unfiltered experiences.

Read on as real everyday campers get candid and explain what essential lessons they have learnt from camping.

Now, these aren’t your typical camping tips – they’re the kind of practical wisdom that comes from getting your hands dirty and embracing the great outdoors.

So kick back, join the conversation, and let’s dive into the practical, funny, and unforgettable lessons that only camping can teach.

Read what they had to say here:

  1. Adam B. said: “Don’t put the unleaded in a diesel 300kms from the closest mechanic. It’s expensive and a long wait.”
  2. Cathy V. said: “Don’t trip over the guy ropes😆.”
  3. Michelle W. said: “Always pack an extra blanket!”
  4. Greg D. said: “Do it early while you are still young enough to enjoy it.”
  5. Robin N. B. said: “Practice putting up a new tent (or other equipment) at home, well before you leave, so you can learn everything about it while not in a rush! Teamwork makes everything more pleasant!”
  6. Celia H. said: “Each person has their jobs for setting up and packing up.”
  7. Michelle S. said: “Make sure the log isn’t rotten before you sit in it to pee…”
  8. Ruksana A. K. B. said: “If you can’t find a like-minded companion with similar traits, go alone.”
  9. Shaynee B. said: “Learn to be adaptable.”
  10. Julie R. said: “U always need a Beer before you start putting up the tent! 🍺🍺.”
  11. Janice E. said: “How much ‘STUFF’ we all have that we just do not need.”
  12. Sandra C. said: “Yes, lap up the experience while you can too.”
  13. Reg R. said: “Don’t stop.”
  14. Neil C. said: “No one is better than anyone else…from setting up your swag to backing in your Longreach Motor Home. Just enjoy yourself😄.”
  15. Sheryl A. said: “Planning.”
  16. Myriam G. said: “Don’t stress when something goes wrong, it is part of camping! Just laugh it off and carry on enjoying your camping trip.”
  17. Liz P. said: “Don’t leave the airbed at home when camping, I have packed mine but someone else forgot theirs thankfully only a weekend camp.”
  18. Hal R. said: “Enjoy every moment!”
  19. Innis C. said: “Choose your camping buddies wisely.”
  20. Leone M. said: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”
  21. Graeme B. said: “Don’t park next to anyone.”
  22. Susanne J. said: “Take extra pegs and guide ropes because when the weather changes you need to tie your tent down otherwise you will literally blow away!”
  23. Steve C. said: “3 letters…E S C Electronic Stability Control.”
  24. Noelene O. said: “Expect rain and be prepared.”
  25. Renee J. I. said: “Take less stuff.”
  26. Aaron C. said: “You can never take too many beers 🍻.”
  27. Carol S. said: “Take hot water bottles.”
  28. Kerry H. said: “Pack light.
  29. Maggie H. said: “Don’t believe everything you hear.”
  30. Norbert C. said: “Don’t leave it too late, go now. No really, put down the phone and go NOW.”
  31. Tony O. said: “Don’t rush and enjoy the moment.”
  32. David C. said: “Check the weather beforehand.”
  33. Alexandrina C. C. said: “Don’t forget the cheese!”
  34. Chris B. said: “Put your jockey wheel up.”
  35. Leanne R. said: “To bring the tent.”
  36. Lucy G. P. said: “Respect your area and enjoy your time there and do not litter.”
  37. Andrew G. said: “Try not to get too cranky setting up the 6×3 gazebo with two people when it keeps getting caught on the shade cloth on the ground 🤣.”
  38. Annie M. B. said: “My husband is my best travel mate💖💖.”
  39. Kristine W. said: “I was taught by my Dad, to never camp under or close to trees.”
  40. Phil M. said: “Look up for widow makers..”
  41. Craig S. said: “Do more of it.”
  42. Ruth F. said: “How little we need to really enjoy life.”
  43. Dean T. said: “Relax.”
  44. Lynne K. said: “Make sure your friend who hooks up the portable hot water shower has done it properly so you don’t wear all the hot water at once”
  45. Meghan F. said: “Let the kids get dirty, let them play in the creek. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
  46. Peter R. said: “Better off looking at it than for it 😜.”
  47. Tony W. said: “Never trust a fart.”
  48. Trevor G. said: “Keep going.”
  49. Kerrie-Lyn R. said: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
  50. Pat M. said: “Don’t overthink what you need.”
  51. Lisa P. said: “Never rush, check everything once, then check again. Leave the campsite cleaner than when you arrived. Remember the 5 P’s: Prior preparation prevents poor performance.”
  52. Rochelle C. said: “Do it more often 🤦‍♀️🤪 and while you’re still young!”
  53. Kimberley J. said: “Look after No.1-2.”
  54. Denise B. said: “Always leave a campsite better than you found it.”
  55. Тиггер Н. said: “Nothing ever goes wrong but there are frequent opportunities to celebrate ingenuity and resourcefulness.”
  56. Michelle H. said: “Make sure you have downloaded a lot of music 😀.”
  57. Graeme L. P. said: “That no matter where you are or how remote it is, someone will want to camp right on your doorstep… Never, ever, fails.”
  58. Daryll H. said: “If it can get tangled, it will get tangled.”
  59. Lynette E. K. said: “Take your own fresh water… Flour in case to make Scones or Damper… canned food if no ice… especially if you go bush….”
  60. Benny F. said: “Fishing and camping with friends creates great memories 😉.”
  61. Kevin C. said: “After you have packed up to move on, check, check and recheck everything.”
  62. Amaury A. said: “Setup your tent before drinking.”
  63. Laurelle B. said: “Relaxing being outdoors.”
  64. Blair R. said: “You have to be warm.”
  65. Kerrie B. said: “Respect all travellers.”
  66. Roz P. said: “Wear earplugs when you are sleeping.”
  67. Matt L. said: “Walking the dog at dinner time.”
  68. Edithburgh C. P. said: “Wine!!!”
  69. Dave R. said: “Never drink rum and propose!”
  70. Tracey W. said: “Lesson learned: check all drawers and cupboards shut in the caravan and invest in Corelle 💯.”
  71. Nathos V. said: “Nothing beats a bed in a resort 😉👌.”
  72. Jenni V. said: “You need a wee toilet as well as the portaloo.”
  73. Phil L. said: “Check, check and recheck!”
  74. Janette C. said: “Toilet paper.”
  75. Liz S. said: “Don’t return home…. keep camping!!”
  76. Mary C. said: “Enjoyment at all times. Surely do miss camping and caravanning did it for years.”
  77. Simone B.-K. said: “Our country is so beautiful and big, I am so thankful and grateful for Australia being my birth country, loving all the beautiful characters I have met and learning about our history x.”


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  1. Mick Conlan says:

    The golden rule: find and pitch camp before dark!

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