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BIG4 Father’s Day Winner Revealed

Category: News, Date: 6 September 2023

At the heart of every unforgettable adventure lies the bond between family, and this Father’s Day, we were reminded of the profound significance of this connection.

In a 4-day Father’s Day competition, campers were invited to share why their dads deserved to win a BIG4 adventure.

Among the heartwarming entries, Tara O.’s story stood out as a testament to the incredible father-daughter relationship she shares with her dad, who is not only an adventurous soul but also an active and devoted grandparent.

Tara’s Dad: The Adventure Enthusiast

1988 Pambula Beach NSW, Tara’s dad (Michael) sister Hayley, a friend and Tara. The family holiday place for 50 years.

Tara’s father is the embodiment of adventure.

He instilled a love for the outdoors in his family, teaching them to embrace the beauty of nature and seize every opportunity for fun and excitement.

His spirit is infectious, and his zest for life has been passed down to his children and grandchildren.

Camping Companions

One of the many ways Tara and her dad connect is through camping.

Every year, they embark on a journey to a beach in New South Wales, revisiting the special place where their camping traditions began.

This annual pilgrimage serves as a testament to the enduring bond between father and daughter, reinforced by their shared love for the great outdoors.

The Generous Grandfather

Dad with Harvey and Daisy at Brighton Caravan Park, SA

Tara, now a mother herself, has two children aged 11 and 9.

Her dad has seamlessly transitioned into the role of an exceptional grandparent.

He remains actively involved in their lives, imparting his wisdom and teaching them valuable skills like fishing & his presence in their lives is a testament to his enduring love and commitment to family.

The Big Win

When Tara’s entry was selected as the winner of the BIG4 Father’s Day competition, her dad’s reaction was pure joy. His pleasure was evident as he looked forward to yet another adventure, this time with the family he cherishes so much.

Tara’s excitement mirrored her dad’s. As a single mum, the prospect of a BIG4 adventure filled her with anticipation.

She shared her enthusiasm for holidays, particularly those involving her kids, as she sought to create cherished memories with them.

“I was very excited- I love going away on holidays. I’m a single mum and I love taking the kids away and I’ve got a little 80s jayco pop-top that my dad actually taught me to drive,” she said.

The Destination

While Tara hasn’t yet decided on the exact location for their BIG4 adventure, the possibilities are endless. Her desire is to make the most of this opportunity, turning it into a memorable family holiday.

The Flinders Ranges, with its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities, is a potential destination that could fulfill their dreams of adventure.

Tara O.’s heartwarming story showcases the power of family bonds and the joy of experiencing the great outdoors together.

Her dad’s adventurous spirit, combined with the love and dedication he has shown as a grandfather, exemplifies the essence of Father’s Day.

As they embark on their BIG4 adventure, we can only imagine the incredible memories that await Tara, her children, and her dad as they continue to cherish the precious moments spent together in the great outdoors.


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