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Best camping activities for kids

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 24 January 2023

How do you keep the kids entertained? Comment below!

Camping is always a total blast, especially for the kiddos.

But, if you’re looking to make your next trip extra special for the kiddos- check out these fun camping activities you can do with your kids.

Build a campfire

Not only are you boosting your kid’s fine motor skills, but you are also having fun while doing it.

Make building a campfire a bonding experience for the whole family!

Get the kids to gather some sticks, align it in the centre and get to work building an epic campfire.

A simple, easy and cheap way to have fun.

Note: Always ensure you’re adhering to your states camp fire laws and regulations.

Make sure there are no fire restrictions or bans in your area.


Crabbing is one of the Australian fisher’s favourite past-times and is often considered the most popular form of fishing.

Grab a fold-out chair, get your best esky filled with some cold beverages (for those of all ages!), a crab trap, some bait, and some thick gloves and you’re good to go!

The family will have a blast and you’ll be sorted for dinner too.

Please remember to keep the environment in mind- and remember to bring your crabbing nets home with you.

Check out the Responsible Crabbing Guide here.

Park Run

Park run is a free, community event held every weekend- perfect for taking the family for their morning exercise.

Walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate- the choices are endless.

There are currently 460 spots around the country offering park run.

Simply head to their website, register and get the family’s blood pumping!

Scavenger Hunt

For another fun way to keep the kids occupied while camping- set up a scavenger hunt!

This can be as complex or simple as you like.

For older kids, grab a book on various types of plants and have your child record all the plants they recognise in a journal.

For younger children, grab some small objects or treats and hide them around your site.

Eco-friendly points for non-plastic objects that might get left behind!


An easy, affordable way to treat the kiddos and have fun while doing it.

Take 2 graham crackers, some milk chocolate blocks, and a whole bunch of marshmallows, and smush them all together before hovering it over the campfire to make the dream dessert sandwich.


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