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A Special Mother’s Day Gift: Plan a Once-in-a-Lifetime Escape at These Luxury Northern Territory Gems 

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With Mother’s Day just around the bend, we’re advocating for an extra special gesture for our mums this year. Often the unsung heroes behind our most cherished holiday and camping experiences, mums meticulously plan every detail, manage the packing for the entire crew, and keep track of all the essentials we might forget. It’s largely thanks to them that many of us have a love for camping at all! 

Reflecting on my own first camping holiday with my mum, I recall how the freedom of being outdoors made me appreciate the simple things, brought us closer, and showed me the importance of enjoying the moment. 

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by planning a retreat where mum can finally take a breather, indulge, and bask in some well-deserved pampering? We’ve put together a list of some of the most special getaways in the Northern Territory to assist you in planning the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Check them out! 

Discover Resorts King Canyon 


discovery kings canyon

Kings Canyon Resort offers a truly indulgent outback experience in Australia’s Red Centre. With deluxe, spa cabins & private balcony, or luxury glamping tents to choose from, this is a Mother’s Day gift like other. Treat mum to a mesmerising immersive sound and light show in the heart of the Red Centre or premium dining experience under the desert moon.  

The resort is surrounded by countless breathtaking walks, hikes and national parks for you to enjoy during your stay and there is even an interactive Junior Desert Eco Ranger experience if you decide to bring the kids! Plan the ultimate luxury escape for mum this year to Discovery Parks King Canyon. 

Ayers Rock Campground 


ayers rock campground

Nestled in the heart of Uluru, the Ayers Rock Campground is the perfect way to slip into comfort and relaxation this Mother’s Day. The campground offers a uniquely special base to explore the natural beauty of Uluru and sleep under the outback sky. The sites air conditioned cabins and close proximity to the luxury Red Ochre Spa, makes this the perfect Mother’s Day retreat. Treat mum to a spa menu designed with pampering and indulgence in mind! 

If you’re looking for something else to do during the day, you won’t be short of options! With more than 101 tours and experiences available at Uluru and surrounding the Ayers Rock Campground, you can be kept as busy or as relaxed as you’d like. Treat mum to a special Mother’s Day Gift this year in the Red Centre.

BIG4 Howard Springs 


mothers day gift - howard springs

This award-winning tropical oasis would be the ultimate rejuvenating and tranquil getaway for mum! Serving as a gateway to the beautiful Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, this park is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect this Mother’s Day. The park offers multiple salt water pools and spa, perfect for mum to unwind and chill out.  

The park also offers special activities during the tourist season such as wine tasting and free bus transfers to the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Don’t worry if you’re planning on bringing the kids alone, the park also offers a fun water splash park and go karts to keep them entertained. If you’re looking for a memorable Mother’s Day gift, a weekend at BIG4 Howard Springs is a gift mum won’t forget! 

Discovery Parks Katherine 


mothers day gift - katherine

This stunning Holiday Park located just outside of Katherine is the perfect place to explore the beauty and wonder of ‘Big River Country’. The region is teeming with natural beauty that mum will love and offers luxury experiences such as thermal springs and pools, fabulous gorge tours and deluxe sunset dining experiences. This captivating destination is the perfect place for mum to be pampered and spoiled.  

Stay in one of the parks deluxe cabins and enjoy a helicopter ride or beat cruise through the stunning local gorges and national parks. Book your trip to Discovery Parks Katherine now and earn yourself a ‘best Mother’s Day gift’ badge. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a special Mother’s Day treat this year, you’ll find it in one of these amazing Nothern Territory luxury retreats. Plan the perfect Mother’s Day gift now! 

Need more inspiration for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Find another fantastic park near you! 

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