Who’s driving

Who’s driving

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Our new ‘A Family Adventure’ series, is created with the help of contributions by Kath McCann. Kath, along with her husband and two children are embarking on a caravan and camping trip around the country. The blog series is following the family along on their journey!

Who’s driving

When you are on a road like we are, there are a lot of kilometres to travel. We anticipate approximately 12, 000 km for us this trip. One of the major considerations of our van purchase was how it towed and being able to share the load on the driving. The van weighs around 1.2 tonnes and it’s not too high, along with the fact that I drive the Isuzu day-to-day, both of these things make it manageable for me.

Long stretches of road and big days require rest to stay safe on the road and it has been great in our instance that both Ad and I have been able to share the driving load. So far it’s been an hour or so for me here or there; Ad prefers to drive but I think he appreciates the rest.

The roads through South Australia have been great; I anticipate and hope it’s the same through Northern Territory and central Queensland. If that’s the case the sharing will continue!


Taking the kids out of school for a term required some planning with school. In our instance, we have been so positively supported by our school to take the kids on the road and it has been fantastic.

In terms of learning, we have a fairly straightforward approach on the road. The kids have both created and are managing a blog which is a simple and effective way of not only documenting experiences, but also staying in touch with school, friends and family. It’s proving really positive at this point.

In addition to this we are doing spelling and maths for Harriet and Oscar is doing Study Ladder. We are also reading everyday.

The main thing -and in my view the most important thing- that we are doing is seeking out educational experiences everyday as well as a lot of exercise, practical help and general life skill development. This is the stuff I love the most. Examples so far have been Oscar extending his cooking skills and practical skills with the van (he has become very useful) and Harriet helping out with distances, travel times and all things van related- her size comes in very handy with some tasks!

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be on the road together and our ability to be present and learning together and our ability to be present and learning together feels really positive. The kids love hearing from the locals and it’s great watching their social and communications skills develop.

We think being on the road is a great educational experience for all four of us!

South Australia

We ended up spending more time in South Australia than we anticipated and we loved it. It’s such an interesting place covering a great city in Adelaide, wineries and agriculture, some great industry and the outback.

We had a great time exploring the state and felt like we didn’t see half of what is amazing about South Australia- we would have loved to have got down the Coast into the bite, but maybe that’s for next time.

Adelaide provided to be really popular with the kids; so much to do and see and getting to a blockbuster game of footy at the Adelaide Oval was pretty special. Ad and I loved Spear Creek at the start of the Flinders Ranges and we now know that is an area we would love to get back to as well.

So, considering we weren’t expecting to spend much time in South Australia and were really viewing it as a thoroughfare for the Outback, we had a great time and would love to get back there again for more time. They welcomed vans and the vanning community all through the state and we loved the wildlife and beautiful nature as well as the great array of things to see and do.

See you again South Australia!

Desert nights

One thing we talked about a lot before we left was what to pack! Coming from Tassie we are used to having to layer up and usually pack accordingly, thank goodness! The desert nights and change in temperature have come as a real surprise to our little family.

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets accompanied with lovely sun throughout the day seems to lull one into a false sense of security for evening warmth. What we have found is as soon as the sun sets the temperature escapes and layers are more than required. We have also found that it’s best to preempt this time and get some layers on to avoid feeling cold, as it happens very quickly.

We have also felt that from about midnight to 4am it’s really cold and blankets are definitely required at this time of the year. The benefit of this is of course lots of cuddles in bed!

What we are not used to is the daily variation in temperature, but pretty quickly we are becoming accustomed to it and planning accordingly.

Our advice though, is definitely pack layers and beanies and warm socks, and blankets if travelling at this time of the year into the Outback, and be ready to take them on and off fairly consistently throughout the day. We love the weather, it’s absolutely beautiful and as we travel further north we are getting warmer and warmer- it’s great for the soul.

Kath McCann

May 30, 2018

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