What to do in Katherine- Ellen and Les

What to do in Katherine- Ellen and Les

Katherine Hot Springs

Katherine Hot Springs are beautiful in every way, with crystal clear water that stays at around 30 degrees, still pools to soak in and little cascading waterfalls. If you’re looking to relax, the lower level of the springs is for you. The water is much calmer and perfect to sit in and chat with friends. The higher level of the springs, accessible by stairs is where the water bubbles up so it has a bit of movement to it, but is still crystal clear and beautiful to swim in!

There is a spacious area near the lower level of the springs is perfect to rest your belongings or lay down a blanket and enjoy a picnic, there are bins scattered around, and toilet facilities for public use also. The top area of the springs has a large platform at the top of the stairs, for you to watch the kids swim. Awesome spot for photos!!

The Katherine Hot Springs are wheelchair accessible via a ramp, with handles.  There is a vehicle road down to the river bed, but you will need a key from the local servo to access it.

After a lovely morning swim, you’ll need a good coffee to wake you up, so pop into Pop Rocket Cafe for a treat and cold or hot drink! The first thing on your ‘To Do In Katherine’ list should definitely be the Hot Springs!

Katherine Museum

Katherine Museum is one spot you really shouldn’t miss, it’s an educational and fun activity for the whole family.

We’re so glad we spent our morning wandering around The Katherine Museum, because we really really enjoyed it! It looks small when you arrive in the car park, but is actually chockablock with history and so many amazing stories about the Katherine area. Displays of old farm machinery and army vehicles, a documentary on the 1998 Australia Day floods, old trinkets and wild, funny stories of the Katherine region are spread between various buildings and outside as you walk between spots. The World War 1 and 2 displays were really interesting, we loved Wallies Shed but our favourite part was reading the stories around the Clyde Fenton Gallery!


If you’ve been following our #FollowTheSunRelay on Instagram closely you’ll know we LOVE our fishing! We tried our luck down at Low Level, which was a cruisey 5 minute walk from Katherine Holiday Park but all we got was a few taps and a spooky feeling if we got too close to the water. Big crocs have been known to pass through the Low Level Bridge area so you really need to be croc wise and stay a safe distance from the water.

Katherine River is where Ellen caught her first Barra earlier this year when we had much better luck! We’re very cautious when launching a boat here and would never fish on the water’s edge as we’ve also seen a few crocs lurking about. Unfortunately we didn’t get to wet a line properly in the Katherine River on this trip, but the fishing would be way more fun in the ‘run off’ around February-April anyway!

If you plan on travelling through Katherine with a 4WD, ask a friendly local to point you toward Flat Rock. We spent an evening with some of our friends driving down the dirt road and fishing as the sun set. With the flat rock ground, carved out over many wet seasons and rushing little waterfalls along the river, this place makes you really appreciate how incredible our country is!  Flat Rock is like nothing we’ve ever seen and we’re so grateful this trip is allowing us to see such amazing, untouched parts of our country!

Katherine Town

Katherine, also known as ‘K Town’ to locals, has so much to offer! You’ll never go hungry here with many great cafes, pubs and restaurants.

A few of our favourite places to grab a feed, cold beer or get our coffee fix are:

– Katherine Country Club ‘the Golfie’.  Really great feed and popular spot with locals at dinner time.

– Black Russian Caravan, the BEST gourmet toasties you’ll ever eat!  Ellen’s favourite is ‘Creamy Chicken’ and Les can’t live without ‘The Ruben’

– The Finch Cafe is another great spot in town, with amazing healthy food and great smoothies!

There are also plenty of pubs to choose from, a Coffee Club, McDonalds and Red Rooster. To stock up essentials, in Katherine Central Shopping Centre you will find Woolworths, Target, Amcal Pharmacy, Brumby’s Bakery and many more local food, clothing and accessory shops.

Ellen and Les

September 27, 2018

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