Tina, Kylie and the kids hit the road!

Tina, Kylie and the kids hit the road!

Tina and Kylie begin their adventure

So here we are on our “excellent adventure”. No this is not Bill and Ted, it is Kylie and Tina and our four children; Elliotte and Nevaeh (aged 11), Kiahna (aged 9) and Eliana (aged 7). Yes, six little ladies in one motorhome… it is a scary thought even for us!

On Wednesday 1 st August 2018 we started our adventure to ‘Follow the Sun’ at 3am to catch a 6.30am flight from Brisbane to Cairns. The convoy consisted of three cars, six adults, six kids (two came along for the ride), 11 bags (not including the ones under our eyes!) and we are running on three and a half hours of sleep (that’s us, the girls had eight hours!). The girls were very excited, while we just needed coffee!!

We checked in and had an uneventful flight to Cairns, landed and made our way to Apollo Motorhome Holidays to collect our new wheels and home that we would be spending the next 5 weeks in. After a briefing on the vehicle we headed to get supplies to fill up the beast(s) and made our way to Cairns Coconut Resort.

After torturing the girls by setting up and unpacking, we finally let them go for a swim. We had gone from 16 degree days and being inside rugged up by 4:30pm to the kids still swimming at 5pm! Ahhh this is winter in tropical north Queensland!

The next day we packed up the Winnebago and made our way to Smithfield to jump on board the Skyrail. This was a journey in a gondola up to Kuranda over the dense canopy of the rainforest.

There were a couple of stops along the way, including a bird’s eye view of Barron Falls, where we could stretch our legs and take in the scenery and get up close and personal with some of the huge trees, vines and ferns that make up the lush tropical greenery that we had been soaring above.

Once arriving in Kuranda we strolled through the Village and amongst the markets where the kids learned to play the didgeridoo. We finished up with a lunch and a refreshing beer (for the adults!) at the Kuranda Hotel and then back on the gondolas to Cairns.

Upon our return we then travelled to Crystal Cascades and hiked up to the waterfall in the rain, where the girls swam in the freezing cold water and climbed over the rocks. The girls had a great time, while we enjoyed the sound of the running water and the beautiful scenery.

On Friday we decided to have a lazy day around Cairns Coconut, which started out with a coffee and game of cards, followed by some school work for the girls. Once the girls had caught up on school work, they headed to the pools for fun on the slides, water park, playground and putt putt. Kylie was the winner of putt putt and celebrated with a cold beverage!!

Whilst in Cairns we caught up with Tina’s family, where the girls met aunties, uncles and cousins that they hadn’t met before and all the kids made great use of the playground and devoured pizzas for dinner.

-Tina, Kylie, Elliotte, Nevaeh, Kiahna and Eliana

August 10, 2018

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