The bullish Adventurer – WINNER ANNOUNCED

The bullish Adventurer – WINNER ANNOUNCED

Michel Fowkes and her family have always loved caravanning and camping.

Earlier this year, she was browsing on the Jayco website with her sister when they came across The Bullish Adventurer competition.

Michel submitted her entry, never thinking she would actually take home the prize of the fully customized Ford Ranger PXII and a Jayco Adventurer 19ft off-road caravan.

When she found out she’d won, she describes the moment as ‘surreal’.

“It was amazing, it’s the best prize,” she said.

“We’d been talking and joking about what we’d do if we won, but didn’t think it would actually happen!”

“We’ve done a six month trip in a caravan before and have always talked about getting another one, so this is amazing.”

The Bullish Adventurer competition was launched in conjunction with the new National Towing Guide website, with Pedders and Jayco supporting the initiative and coming together to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win the ultimate adventure package, worth $200, 000.

Michel, along with her husband Leigh and their two kids, has always love caravanning and camping.

“We go camping as often as we can. I just love getting the kids outside; it’s one of my favourite things and it’s good quality family time,” she said.

“We would love to do Uluru before the end of the year, it’s always been on our bucket list. We’re not sure where else we’ll go – everywhere! There are a lot of places within a few hours of home that we can easily go to for a weekend.”

“We just want to say a huge thank you to Jayco and Pedders, it’s such an amazing prize. It’s awesome.”


July 15, 2019

110 thoughts on “The bullish Adventurer – WINNER ANNOUNCED

  1. trev andrews says:

    well done to michel, leigh and family. What a life changing opportunity for Them and dare i say worthy winners.

    Exciting days ahead!

    Out of curiosity Is the winning entry going to be publisHed anywhere?

    1. Alan Morris says:

      Good luck and enjoy your adventures

    2. david says:

      I have the same question, I never know how these 25 words or less competitions should be answered so i’d love to see an example of a winner.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Congrats Michel

      I’d also love to read the winning entry

    4. Great idea. It may help us less fortunates in upcoming competitions 😁

  2. ken says:

    yes, congratulations!!!! we are so happy for you!! we would love to know what the winning entry was. Thanks!!

  3. Steve Trotter says:

    great to hear your going to enjoy it and travel with the children outside camping best thing for everyone .

  4. Rosalie Scott says:

    Congratulations to Michel, Leigh and children.
    Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  5. David HOLOWCZAk says:

    Yes please let all that entered read what a WINNING
    Entry reads like. Where can we read it.
    Congratulations to the lucky family

  6. Jenny bishop says:

    well done, enjoy your Ranger and Jayco. hope you and the family have many happy holidays.

  7. Robert A Wilson says:

    Congratulation to a lovely Family, enjoy your caravanning for many yeras to come.

  8. WENDY Crow says:

    Congrats Living a dream, lots of miles to cover. enjoy

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Michel and her family. I too would like to read her winning entry.

  10. terry Field says:

    Michel and family will have a great time enjoying their new caravan.

  11. Trevor Hutchings says:

    well done good luck to you and the family have fun

  12. McNeale Peter says:

    Congratulations Michel and Leigh. What an Awsome prize and many memories to be created for you both and your family.

  13. Alan Morris says:

    All the best in your travels have a great time enjoying your adventures

  14. What was the winning entry please!!!????

  15. Sam says:

    CongratuLations! happy & safe travels

  16. Alicia wing says:

    Biggest congrats! What a prize! I wont lie, im Super jealous!!! Happy trAvels and enjoY creating some amazing meMories!

  17. Liza Hannah Harris says:

    Yahoo, cOngratulations! It’s nice to see real people win. Enjoy, it’s a fantastic prize 👏👏

  18. mICK BOUCHER says:

    Awesome news michel, have a great travelling – well keep an eye out on the road

  19. Liza Hannah Harris says:

    YahOo congratulaTions! What a fantastic prize to win and i’m excited for you 👏👏

  20. Jeremy Hardcastle says:

    You sound like a very worthy winner and I hope you and your family have a great time exploring this great country of ours with your winning prize

  21. Max Hopkins says:

    Lucky buggers, have a ball, and enjoy every momment, you’ll love the red centre

  22. Nick Parisi says:

    Congratulations fowkes family, i wish it had of been me but i am glad that the prize went to a young family… happy holidays and well done to jayco and the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

  23. Scott says:


  24. Craig Lawler says:

    well done.
    What a top prize to win.
    Enjoy your trip and stay saFe.
    Post some pics of your adventure.

  25. gordon holland says:

    Great win. Can’t imagine how much you will enjoy your tripping in such a fantastic rig. Happy days.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well done guys! Enjoy the win!😉👍
    What was the winning entry? Just curious!

  27. P says:


  28. K. Stevens says:

    I hope you enjoy your caravaning

  29. Anonymous says:

    Way to go all the best

  30. Quentin says:

    Congratulations to the winners, may they have many a pleasurable holiday. Please post some pictures.

  31. Les peart says:

    Good luck to you and your family all the best in your travels

  32. Sue bath says:

    Congratulations team fowkes. Lovely to see a young family win such a wonderful prize. Enjoy all your travels.

  33. Shawn smails says:

    ALl the best in your travels HoPe you really enjoy it

  34. Peter wallace says:

    Best of luck I hope you have many adventures in your new rig

  35. Cody Johnson says:

    CongraTulations guys – exciting times ahead & happy travels.
    Cody & dayne

  36. Mark fitzmaurice says:

    Well done guys now the trip planning starts 🙂 what an amazing prize for your family 🙂

  37. Graham smyth says:

    Hey guys congratulaTions on your win what a beautiful 4wd a van go a enjoy what this country has to offer a as they say if you never ever go you will never ever go

  38. Rhonny says:

    What an awesome prize to have won….you lucky bugger!! I am extremely envious

  39. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to you and your family safe travels where ever you venture

  40. A Smith says:

    Looks like it went to a very deserving family, good on you and safe travels!!

  41. Kate says:

    Can we hear the winning answer?

  42. Ronald B Oke says:


  43. Kitty says:


  44. Graeme Ryder says:

    dIXIE & gRAEME

  45. Quentin Falkenberg says:

    Awesome news for you Michel and your family … SAFE TRAVELS.

  46. Anonymous says:

    My name is Leigh my wife’s name is Michelle and we have 2 kids!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. Kevin yates says:

    EnjOy the great outdoors in your new van and 4×4

  49. Mary Woodyard says:

    A big congratulations to you on your win. You are one lucky family. You will love it. Just goes to show you’ve got to be in it to win it.
    Will we get to see the winning words?

  50. Freda Hamilton says:

    Michel & Leigh. And your children very happy for you. Enjoy your caravan And travel and all the fun you will have

  51. Colin Richardson says:

    Congrats guys!
    This will set you up for your life

  52. Ian homan says:

    Good on you guys just get out there and See this great country enjoy

  53. cathie says:

    Well done guys congrats and HAPPY AND safe travelling

  54. Bill says:

    Great to see a loveLy family win . congrats guys, enjoy.

  55. TERRY SEYMOUR says:

    Congratulations to the winners

  56. Amazing! such an epic prize well done! Not jealous at all.

  57. Willem Eekelschot says:

    Wow. Good luck and enjoy Australia.

  58. annie says:

    Annie says: Congratulations:to michel & family..Hope You all have fantastic ADVENTUres with your great new prize…woohoo.!!! ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  59. Greg Hart says:

    Congratulations to all winners. At the age of 66 and having enjoyed many camping trips with my immediate family of 2 sons and one daughter now aged 40, 38 & 36 enjoy every minute you have with your loved ones . Camping is a Fantastic Experience and with envy i Wish you all the happiness and adventures you deserve.
    In 1983 we headed off to Cairns and when swimming in the pool at the Coles Caravan Park we met the Cowan Family, travelliNg in one of those white plumbers vans with 5 children on board who would ring ahead to where they thought they would make it by that evening to see if any accommadation was available for 7 (2 adults and 5 children). They lived in Wandin, we livEd in mooroolbark. We have kept in contact Ever since 1983!!
    Go Caravan & Camping a great idea of bonding for families with so many pressures at this day and age. I look forward to winning one of your prizes to share with my 2 sons and Daughter now and 6 grand children Before I GEt too Old to Enjoy!!
    WEll Done and congratulations for a Great idea!!!!.

  60. Brian Annear-Walker says:

    You have won a great prize and will serve you and your family well for a number of years to COME.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Have fabulous safe funfor many years to come well done little family i shall spot you All out and about congratulations again

  62. Anonymous says:

    ENJoy your adventures !

  63. Anonymous says:

    It wasnt us this time, but maybe next… unTil then worthy winners have a fabulous time exploring what austRalia has to Offer!!!

  64. Julie says:

    Congratulations! 🎉 wishing you many happy times and safe travels.

  65. Tony says:

    What Was the winning combination of words?

  66. Nicole says:

    What was The Entry?

  67. GK says:

    How awsome to see the major prize go to a Cool family, camp The hell out of your gift you mob. Well done to the sponSer’s. Xxoo from Rockvegas qld.

  68. ANnmaree Auer says:

    Congrats. May see you aROund NQ Someday. Have fun.

  69. Catherine says:

    we would all like to know what you wrote for the winning answer!

  70. Anonymous says:

    well done to the fowkes clan enjoy get out on the road and make your adventures of a life tme happen

  71. Susan Hemming says:

    Well done to your beautiful family! Hope you have many happy adventures 👏👏

  72. Joan and Euan Wells says:

    Congratulations Michel. Go out there and enjoy. Our camping has been the best thing with our kids, and now our grandkids. We hope it’s the same for you.

  73. Derek hughes says:

    Congrats and all the best in traveling this great land

  74. Sean O'BRIEN says:

    Just wondering what was the winning 25 words??????

  75. Yvonne Carter says:

    Congratulations Michel….. WELL DONE
    Enjoy your prize, happy travels with your lovely family

  76. Jess kelly says:

    Yahoooo! Congratulations, thats awesome! Enjoy every minute of every adventure-very jeAlous!!! 😉

  77. Barbara Grant says:

    Congratulations Michel & Leigh. I was hoping to win for my son but not to worry I’m glad a young family won. I hope you have many happy memories of your travels through the years ahead.

  78. Delryne Sharrett says:

    Congratulations Michel and Leigh and family. Enjoy the adventures!

  79. Jim Read says:

    well done, Now get out and make some wonderful family memories.

  80. Andre says:

    congratulations to the winners. For all the other people who so badly wanted to win this and put in a lot of effort can you please let us know what sort of answer wins, what was the winning entry?

    1. cAROL BORISSOW says:


  81. Gottabjoaken says:

    COngrats michel. Amd THANKS to jayco and ford as well as let’s go camping.

  82. Sharon hayes says:

    To say im a litte bit jealous,would be an understatement.But congrats guys👍

  83. Barry fisher says:

    Congrats guys and enjoy maybe it’s my turn next time

  84. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your win and i am so thrilled for your little family, travel is the best education and adventure is exhilarating.
    Enjoy every minute.

  85. Ray Blissett says:

    Enjoy making tracks & memories!!!!well done happy travels👍

  86. Erin simmons says:

    CongratulatioNs… what an amazing priZe to win.. weLl deserved as your entry was perfect!
    hopIng that you set up an instagram page For Us to all follow to seE What you get up to. Would love to see the bullish ute drive though our town. All the best, safe travels

  87. Louise bull says:

    Well done u look to be a lovely family treasure the great memories That u will have along your travels its good to see a young family win This great prize enjoy enjoy.

  88. heinz walter says:

    Hi there lucky ducks all the best with your new rig

  89. pete says:

    well done. would love to see wining entry since it is based on creativity. i wrote a 25 word LIMERICK about going on trip with SEPARATED wife to rebuild MARRIAGE. Would be SPEWING if their entry was some throw away line about taking the kids somewhere. but alas, there can only be one winner so enjoy it guys. well done.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I Happen to think it is wonderful that you guys won. Yes, it would have been great if the rest of us had maybe been in your shoes. But as we weren’t, the question As to the winning words is pretty well now moot. So, My message is ,it really doesn’t matter anyway. Just Go out and enjoy this fabulous opportunity, have a ball with your lovely family. Dee. Sorry about caps. Lower case not working..??

  91. jeffrey BATTEN says:

    good job, well done,

    Jeff Batten

  92. Ben says:

    Congratulations mICHEL AND FAMILY!!
    would love to hear the winning entry…….

  93. Mike says:

    well done on the prize im sure you will enjoy..
    Like to know what the winning words said.
    Im sure your related somehow to winning the prize..

  94. Michel fowkes says:

    Wow, I am really touched by all the kind messages ! I am still in shock at winning, but very excited to be planning a year long lap around Australia next year!!! Definitely a dream come true for us. (Sorry for all the capitals, it wont turn off)

  95. Michel Fowkes says:

    And for those asking, my winning entry was:

    Pack my prize, leave that day.
    Kakadu to Hobert, the caravanning way!
    Around Australia, the middle too.
    Live the dream is what I would do.

  96. Trish Roots says:

    congratulations to the winners – happy times a head. I am extremely jealous. ☺Also keen to see winning entry.

  97. Carmel Maria Macmillan says:

    Well done!! Have a great time with the family

  98. Shirley says:

    Congratulations Michel and family eNjoy your caravanning in style A wonderful prize

  99. Judy Mak says:

    Congratulations Very jealous Good Luck. Judy

  100. Colin says:

    Congratulations Michel & famliy get out NOW and have fun safe travels stay in W.A
    For 12 months we did 6 and only saw the tip of it .

  101. Colin luke says:

    Congratulations Michel & famliy get out NOW and have fun safe travels stay in W.A
    For 12 months we did 6 and only saw the tip of it .

  102. Scott O'Connor says:

    Michel, thanks for printing your winning entry, well deserved.
    Such a great prize, we were all packed and ready to go, enjoy the journey.

  103. Brendan Sambell says:

    Legends!! Life is too short not to see the outdoors!! Congratulations Again 👍

  104. Roslyn Mayes says:

    THanks so much for sharing, Michel!! congratulations and many happy holidays to you and your family!! 🙂

  105. Dianne says:

    Michel leigh & children
    Couldn’t have gone to a
    Nice little family
    Wishing you all many new
    Adventures together around
    This stunning country of ours
    The best education ever
    Love live & learn together
    Happiness always !!! 😊💜

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