Stuart Family at Cradle Mountain

Stuart Family at Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain – since our last blog – turns out Cradle Mountain just keeps giving the wow moments.   We had another day to do some ‘serious’ exploring.

We were encouraged along the way by our little round wombats.

We did the Marions Lookout walk which took us from the grasslands through rainforest then to the peak overlooking Cradle Mountain.   Just high enough to find the snow line.

The air is so crisp and clean it was great.   Even had my first go at pointing the camera at the sky after googling some possible settings to try and find the Milky Way.   I may be hooked on star gazing (the real stars that is)!

We made sure we did a night time feeding session of Tasmania’s smallest locals being devils and quolls at Devils @ Cradle wildlife sanctuary.   Learnt so much about these precious locals.   The look on some of the overseas tourists faces seeing them feed on a carcass was priceless!

The Stuart family

October 18, 2018

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