Rent, try, buy: the smart pathway to owning a motorhome

Rent, try, buy: the smart pathway to owning a motorhome

Once you get the idea of buying a motorhome in your head, RV envy can strike every time you see one pass by.  For many, outside buying the family home, an RV could be the biggest purchase they make, so why not pause for a little bit and try before you buy.

Renting a motorhome for a week, a month or more is a great way to try on the RV lifestyle without committing the full purchase price upfront.

Apart from acting as a bit of a cooling off period, there are some other great benefits to renting before you buy

  1. Check the size: is the motorhome the right size for you?  Renting is a great way to try an RV on and see if the size, shape and road handling are all to your liking.  And not just on the outside.  Important things to check include can you reach the cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, does it feel comfortable around the dining table and is there enough room for the number of people you plan to holiday with.  Small things that annoy you in the beginning will only get worse over time.
  2. Safe driving: Are you comfortable driving this size RV?  If a motorhome feels natural to drive, it will be less strenuous and your holiday will be more enjoyable.  Pay attention to how you feel after a day of driving.  If you are tense and stressed, the motorhome might be too big for you.
  3. What do you plan to do? Short trips to the same place, or a long itinerary – think about what sort of lifestyle you imagine yourself leading and that will help you make your choice.  Answers to these questions lead you to off-road style campers or ones more like an apartment on wheels, plus optional solar panels and longer range batteries.  If you’re thinking of testing out off-road driving, just make sure your rental agreement allows you to take your motorhome off road.
  4. Optional Extras: Investigate with your rental vehicle what comes standard and what is an optional extra.  Note what you like and couldn’t live without and what you’d be happy to forgo and think you’d never use. Then when it comes time to visit a dealer to buy, you can ask great questions about optional extras.
  5. Relocation deals: the industry’s best kept secret.  To help your holiday dollars go even further, check the websites of well known rental brands for relocation deals.  These are well priced daily rental rates where you help the business get a vehicle from A to B, but in their timeframe not yours, and in the locations they need not the places you choose.

So, you try, you like and you still want to buy, then what?  Shop around and check your options.  Some rental companies such as Let’s Go Motorhomes offer great try before you buy rental deals and regularly have great ex-rental motorhomes for sale that have only been in their fleet for less than three years.

With motorhomes in Australia growing in popularity, and demand currently outstripping supply, the resale value on well known brands such as Jayco is quite strong, making it a popular holiday option and a solid investment when well considered.

But beware, renting a motorhome can be catchy: you might find yourself enjoying all the benefits of the lifestyle without having to find somewhere to store it when you get home.

March 8, 2019

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