Relaxing and unwinding

Relaxing and unwinding

It was time to end our stay at Allen Terry Tourist Park, which has fantastic amenities, well equipped camp kitchen, nice fire pit and best of all a short stroll to the pub and corner store. We embarked on a four-hour drive to Longreach, which was on the bounciest road you could imagine. We saw plenty of skippies along the way, sleeping on the side of the road (well that’s what we told the girls).

We soon learnt that the main street of Longreach has the best wifi and the bakery is pretty good for the lattes, caramel tarts and cupcakes oh and the pies! The girls found two stray kittens on our first day, which they were determined to catch and keep as our mascot. We even got suckered into buying kitten food for them. Good news is the kittens were rescued (not by us or the girls) and the girls no longer need to lay down in the gutter trying to catch them.

We used our time in Longreach to relax and have a few quiet days to catch up on washing, rest and so the girls could do their school work. However, a full day and night was enjoyed at Australia’s Stockman’s Hall of Fame where we enjoyed the show and feasted on a buffet dinner! The girls really liked Ernie the horse, with all his cheeky antics. Tina thoroughly enjoyed the museum, which brought back a lot of memories for her, as her Dad was a stockman back in the day. Kylie is still getting used to the dust, dirt and smell of cattle!

A great happy hour was had at Longreach Tourist Park in the Woolshed, where the restaurant and deck were packed with everyone enjoying a meal, drink and entertainment. The girls enjoyed meeting Scooter the horse, Henry the dog and Holly the steer and Eliana was extra special as she received a zap from the electric fence!


Thank you to Longreach Tourist Park for giving us a place to relax, unwind and enjoy. Tina loved seeing the birds (the feather variety) all day every day, and especially liked the Brolgas walking right up to the Winnebago and the Apostle Birds. The park is massive, yet even when full there is ample amenities, bbqs and space to stretch out.

We are now in Winton and the girls are excited to be going to Age of Dinosaurs tomorrow. In the meantime, we have had a feed, got a drink in hand and are feet are up relaxing!

Until next time, there is no place we’d rather be ……

-Tina and Kylie

August 21, 2018

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