One million reasons why staying in a caravan park could save your life

One million reasons why staying in a caravan park could save your life

Heading off on that caravan and camping trip to regional Australia has just become that much safer.

Announced this morning by Health Minister the Hon Greg Hunt MP at BIG4 Mornington Peninsula Holiday Park, the Federal Government will invest $1 million to subsidise the installation of defibrillators into over 1000 caravan parks across the country.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO Stuart Lamont welcomed the funding as an exciting and yet common-sense initiative that will save the lives of some Australians who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest while caravanning.

Mr Lamont said, “Caravan parks are popular holiday destinations – particularly with senior Australians who are at an increased risk of heart attack.”

“We also know that in rural and regional areas it can take longer for an ambulance to arrive, given the distances they sometimes have to travel.  This program will ensure that if a person suffers a heart attack in a caravan park that lifesaving help is close to hand”

“Anything we can do to make sure that Australians going away caravanning return home safely to their loved ones is a great thing,” Mr Lamont said.

This investment by the Federal government will positively impact on the survival chances of those suffering a cardiac arrest in regional Australia which will support both local communities and caravanners alike.

“Research shows that if a person is defibrillated within the first five minutes of collapse, their chance of survival is around 90 per cent,” Minister Hunt said.

“For every minute that this is delayed, the chances of survival decrease by up to 10 per cent.”

“This initiative will save and protect lives,” Minister Hunt said.

As part of this initiative, a further commitment of 1000 defibrillators have also been made to Men’s Sheds around the country in conjunction with St Johns.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia would like to thank Senator Bridget McKenzie (Minister for Regional Services) and Minister Greg Hunt for their support of the caravanning community, and recognising the importance of protecting the lives of the 11 million Australians who undergo a caravanning or camping holiday adventure annually.

April 17, 2019

9 thoughts on “One million reasons why staying in a caravan park could save your life

  1. Stephen Hartley says:

    Is emerald cabin and caravan village in CQ getting one?

  2. Mark White says:

    As a valued member of the caravan and camping family of Australia, I would like to thank the Hon Greg Hunt and Senator Bridget Mc Kenzie for this initiative in saving the lives our valued customers, guests and also staff if the need arises. Well done. The next time you are up in tropical Cairns stop in and say G’Day.

  3. Greg Clark says:

    There are a lot more than 1,000 caravan parks across Australia. What about the other parks, why not all caravan parks in every town.

  4. Norm Holliman says:

    What a fantastic initiative
    There are many places where people camp that would benefit from this action.
    I suggest the scout association camping grounds, as one. The defibrillators would assist in saving the lives of many younger adults.

  5. Ali Eberhard says:

    Who decides who gets them? We have just paid $2500- to get one put in – Gawler caravan park SA

  6. Lin says:

    How and who decides which parks receive a defibrulator?

  7. Julie Schipp says:

    How do we apply for the subsidised installation of defibrillators?

  8. Anita says:

    Is this an election promise, or implemented policy from before? I’d like to know before sharing this information.

  9. Wayne M says:

    What a fantastic INITIATIVE. My partner and i have been concerned about the what we would do in a medical situation. When we are out enjoying this great country of ours and one of us becomes ill or incapacitated. my partner has recently undertaken caravan towing training in brisbane so that she has the skill and confidence to take her turn behind the wheel and reverse that caravan as well. we feel a lot more comfortable now leaving home in the knowledge that we can both manage the towing duties if the absolute need should ever arise.

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