McCann family recap first week on the road

McCann family recap first week on the road

On the Road

 As we disembarked the Spirit of Tasmania 2 we were all collectively pretty tired. Despite the excitement, there is no doubt the kids were hangry and tired and Mum and Dad were exhausted.

I’m suspecting that it will take us all about five days to unwind from the craziness of trip preparation. The unfortunate thing is that the weather forecast is not great for this week with lots of wind about, which always makes us all a little crazy!

Despite being tired and emotional (all four of us) we’ve had a great first day. We’ve travelled to Apollo Bay and managed to see and experience a number of great things including Kardinia Park, Bells Beach and catching up with a girlfriend at Torquay. And that’s not to mention the Great Ocean Road.

We are staying at the BIG4 at Apollo Bay and it’s great – beautiful and clean and great facilities. It’s pretty quiet down here.

 So, our first day on the road has been a success – despite being a bit trying at times – we are off!

Destination Apollo Bay Complete

After a few great days in Apollo Bay we are on the road! The weather forecast ahead is not terrific so we have left our site relatively early this morning, departing the park at 9.10am.

The last few days we have realised that there are a couple of things we haven’t got and would you believe I still don’t have a kettle! I did get a great coffee in Apollo Bay yesterday and tried my homemade turmeric latte which wasn’t brilliant!

The camp kitchen facilities at the BIG4 were fantastic. We’ve eaten really well and I’m starting to plan a more comprehensive shopping list for Warrnambool.

We are all feeling a few notches more relaxed and have slowed down. We met some really nice fellow vanners at the park, all of which had their own journey and were following their own path; that’s one of the things I already love about being on the road the most- it’s inspiring!

Wild weather

It’s something I didn’t really anticipate coming from Tassie as we approach winter, but the first few days of our trip have had cold, rain and lots of wind!

I packed very light and gave found layering has worked well, but the one thing that has surprised me is how different the van experience is when the weather is average.

Dirty footprints on the floor, everything wet outside and flapping canvas have all consumed our last 12 hours or so. I’m glad we didn’t put up our awning, we’ve already seen a fellow camper lose theirs!

Watching the weather is something we are used to from boating and looks like we will need to keep a close eye on it this next week particularly before we head to warmer places.

 So the lessons today are layers, books and coffees. Oh and amazing sunrises, I love them!

-Kath McCann

May 23, 2018

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