Making the most of events

Making the most of events

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Our new ‘A Family Adventure’ series, is created with the help of contributions by Kath McCann. Kath, along with her husband and two children are embarking on a caravan and camping trip around the country. The blog series is following the family along on their journey!


We are big fans of events, particularly the connection you can get to a destination through events. We managed to plan our visit to Uluru around the running of the Uluru Camel Cup and we are so glad that we did.

With friends joining us from Tassie, the excitement of the camels racing and all the other activities on the program, we really hoped the event lived up to our expectations.

We had a fantastic time! Not only were the camels great, but the whole event excellent. We joined up with a group of other travellers from the caravan park and purchased a camel, Ted, in the Cup Calcutta- it was a really good way to get to know other travellers and have some fun. We didn’t come away with the Cup this year!

The event itself was so much fun and very well run- excellent food and drink options, great prices and brilliant activities that the whole family enjoyed including whip cracking, camel poo throwing, wheelbarrow races and reptile displays.

Events, particularly regional ones, are indeed an excellent way to get to see and experience a new destination and we were so glad we could make this one work; hopefully we might stumble across a few more as the journey progresses.

Kath McCann



June 5, 2018

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