Lunch on the road

Lunch on the road

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Our new ‘A Family Adventure’ series, is created with the help of contributions by Kath McCann. Kath, along with her husband and two children are embarking on a caravan and camping trip around the country. The blog series is following the family along on their journey!

Lunch on the road

One of the things we have been really diligent with is packing snacks and lunches for days that we travel longer distances. This has meant being a bit organised and early preparations before pack down to get the goodies ready.

Our staples for the car have been fruit and muesli bars and then when we stop for lunch, depending on time we either make sandwiches or cook up some sausages on our little gas burner.

It has been good being able to stop at parks to have a play and organise lunch at the same time, as it not only saves dollars buying lunch everyday, but it gets everyone moving.

We have noticed as the kids get a bit tired of the car (usually somewhere between 300 and 350km) they get hungry; that’s where it’s essential to have healthy snacks packed.

Our tip is get prepared for your travel days and make sure you have a good day pack accessible with everything you need; ours is a picnic box setup in the back of the car which means we don’t have to get into the van. Again, if you are prepared, lunch on the road should be easy, shameless and nutritious!

Kath McCann


June 13, 2018

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