Lifetime lover of camping taking home Avida Rock Caravan

Lifetime lover of camping taking home Avida Rock Caravan

Tony Cox and his family have always been avid campers, but it has been many years since he has owned a caravan.

That is about to change, with Tony officially announced as the recipient of an Avida Rock Caravan thanks to the Win a Weekender competition.

Tony says he has never won anything in his life.

“I received a phone call last week whilst driving home… you could have knocked me over with a feather,” he said.

“My first comment was ‘You have got to be joking!’”

“I didn’t believe the news until I saw this list in print on the Facebook site.”

Tony with his wife Philippa and granddaughter, Amy 

Tony has fond memories of caravan and camping throughout his life, including owning a caravan for two years while living in Scotland and using it to tour Scotland, England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Throughout this time he and his family made memories to last a lifetime, drove around famous sites like the Arc de Triomphe and met friendly locals around Europe.


Now, he is looking forward to taking trips all around Australia in his new Avida Rock Caravan.

“Everywhere throughout Australia would be good to explore, beginning with the Cape York region,” he said.

“Our family has always been heavily involved in camping and it is wonderful to see the grandchildren enjoying the same experiences.”

“(I love) the chance to experience the freedom of the outdoors and to observe our natural beauty, through scenery and wildlife. There is nothing like a family holiday to enjoy with our three children and four grandchildren. Great memories and new friendships!”

The Win a Weekender competition attracted a total of 484, 371 entries from around the country!

Click here to view a full list of winners.

July 29, 2019

8 thoughts on “Lifetime lover of camping taking home Avida Rock Caravan

  1. Jamie Hall says:

    I would love the chance to explore our country, show Our children our culture and history of the outback.

  2. john kemp says:

    I am almost 70 years old and would love to travel before it is to

  3. Ellen Lorraine Payne says:

    I would like a caravan to tour australia and see the sites love travelling

  4. Karen HINds says:

    Firstly congratulations Tony!.

    Like you I would love to do this while we can still enjoy our Country in tandem with my twin. While we are 10 years younger, Mine is more about a back injury which will only get worse with age.
    I would love to introduce my grandchildren also to adventurous weekends.

    I want to live and see what I can before it’s too late. We can afford to trade and purchase a towing VEHICLE…BUT that’s as far as it goes.

    Cheers kaz hinds

  5. Kevin Retallick says:

    Just turned 65 father off 15 children .my last boy who is 6 love rock hunting love to go to the outback if i could but money allway a problem. Love watching campvan shows

  6. Kathy says:

    We would love to have this off road caravan to enjoy travelling this beautiful country

  7. Michael browne says:

    I was saddened to hear that I didn’t win the rock but very happy that it went to a deserving family, good luck and congratulations. safe travels cheers mike

  8. Josephine Dawe says:

    I WOULD love to upgrade our current set up.
    We have a camper trailerat the moment. Just went on a mammoth 2 week trip to ularu and have decided that I need more comfoRt if we are to do further travel. I love travelling but would enjoy it a whole lot more if I were able to have more of the comforts of a lovely van like this.

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