Geraldton and the Pinnacles with Jess and Ridge

Geraldton and the Pinnacles with Jess and Ridge

After a great morning in Carnarvon, we again packed up the motorhome to head to our second last destination, Geraldton. We were booked in at the Belair Gardens and since the drive was five hours and it was around lunch time when we hit the road, we thought we might be cutting it a little bit fine to arrive before closing- we gave them a call to let them know and they were very accommodating which was great!

(Spot the photobomb from Ridge)

We had a great time at this park- in addition to great service, the grounds and facilities were lovely and we had really friendly neighbours. It’s also close to the On our first night, we were ready to get out after being in the car for so long, so we decided to walk into town for dinner- it took about half an hour and there were plenty of places to choose from. This was also the first time on the trip that we saw traffic lights!

The next morning we headed into town to see some of the sights of Geraldton including the museum, art gallery, cathedral and HMAS II memorial. At the museum, we arrived just in time for a free guided tour and info session! This was a great and easy way to learn a bit more about the area and some of the exhibits- Geraldton is also home to a major seaport so there is a lot of history in that area.

After reading about the HMAS II, it was only fitting to head down to the memorial. If you haven’t been to the museum or researched it beforehand, the memorial itself also includes the background and the names of all of the men who lost their lives. It is definitely worth a look at and is really well made.


Later that afternoon we also paid a visit to the art gallery, which has rotating exhibitions along with a cool little shop! It’s free to view as well, which makes it a great option if you are travelling on a budget.

We also stopped by the St Francis Xavier Cathedral which is definitely worth looking at regardless of whether you’re religious or not- it is really beautifully made and is conveniently right in town.

We finished off the day by going down to the beach to watch another beautiful WA sunset-

After a great couple of nights in Geraldton we began the drive to the final destination on our trip- Perth! While we were excited to see what Perth had to offer, it was a little bittersweet as we knew it meant our trip would be coming to an end soon 🙁

While we were on the way to Perth, we made a quick detour to the beach at Jurien Bay as we’d heard there is great snorkelling right off the beach. Unfortunately the water was a little cloudy when we were there so we couldn’t really see much, but the beach was lovely. We also stopped in at the Cervantes Pinnacles in Nambung National Park! It was a quick detour and cheap to get in, but amazing to see. The pinnacles are one of those things that almost don’t look like they should be real. We had a great time wandering around and exploring the park before heading back to the motorhome and continuing our drive.


Make sure to read the next blog to see what we got up to in Perth!

Jess and Ridge

November 23, 2018

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