Fishing Gear – Justin’s Bits 07

Fishing Gear – Justin’s Bits 07

Justin’s got some good fishing tips and here’s the proof!

This week Justin shows us his fishing setup and explains how he’s managed to down size. He’s caught everything and he’s been everywhere so he’s got some solid experience. Packing light is a lot easier then it sounds, especially when it come to fishing gear.

Please remember when you’re fishing around Australia that each state and territory has their own regulations in regards to catch and gear.

See the links below so learn more:

Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Northern Territory Government

Victoria Department of Primary Industries

Western Australia Fisheries Department

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

South Australia Fisheries

Tasmania Department of Primary Industries

Justin’s Bits

Caravanning and Camping Tips from a normal Aussie bloke travelling Aus with his family.

The internet and social media sites are home to an abundance of mummy bloggers sharing their advice for fellow mums, but there’s not as much out there for the dads.

We are proud to introduce Justin’s Bits, a new series covering tips and tricks from a normal Aussie bloke travelling the country with his family.

Justin will be a familiar face to viewers of our Mummy Blogger series as the husband of Bec and father of Jack, Billy and Charli. The family have been travelling around the country in their caravan for the past two years and have certainly learned a lot along the way. Justin will be sharing his perspective through 10 short videos filmed while travelling, offering a fresh perspective and plenty of humour.

Stay tuned to our website and social media pages to keep up to date with Justin’s Bits.

Watch the full Justin’s Bits Playlist

June 18, 2018

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