Filming at Standley Chasm and Paartjima festival

Filming at Standley Chasm and Paartjima festival

Day 19:  Thursday 4/10/18

The live cross this morning was at Robbo’s cabin where we ran in and woke him up because he was supposed to babysit us.  He messed the whole table up with cereal, milk and blueberries, it was disgusting.

After that we drove to Standley Chasm, where we did some filming at the Chasm and the path to it.  Next we went to Simpsons Gap, where again we did filming and I also spotted a beautiful black footed rock wallaby amongst some of the rocks.

We also found a rock that looked like a huge seat, however, it wasn’t comfortable.  Later that night we went to the Parrtjima festival.  All of the lights at the Parrtjima festival were stunning and had so much meaning behind their designs.

The food was delicious and we watched the colourful light show from the viewing platform, afterwards, playing in the creation space making the lights change colours and move around on the ground.

We also went on the amazing, never before seen jumping castle, with flashing domes to bounce.  It was tiring and fun, fun, fun.  After that we crashed as soon as we stopped moving.

Lindsey and Gemma

October 8, 2018

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