Family activities away from the screens

Family activities away from the screens

With a lot of our favourite outdoor activities off at the moment, we’re all spending a bit more time indoors than usual. That doesn’t mean you have to spend all day in front of the TV or computer though!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite activities to help you and the kids to have fun, get creative, and most importantly have some time away from the screens.

  • Set up camp in your living room

For a different type of camping trip (and a fun challenge), grab some sheets or a tarp and use your living room furniture or whatever you have available at home to build your very own living room fort. Get creative and deck it our with sleeping bags, pillows, fairy lights, and your favourite camping accessories. We’d love to see your creations too – upload them online and tag @LetsGoCaravanandCamping and #campathomeheroes

  • Card games

Time to swap the computer games for a good old-fashioned card game! You can start with the classics like Snap and Go Fish, but we also love Crazy Eights, Rummy, Cheat or Spoons – but be warned, it might get competitive!

  • Dress ups

Another childhood classic, there are endless opportunities when it comes to dress-ups. You can try on each other’s clothes, have a crazy outfit competition, dig out those fuzzy jackets and flares hiding at the back of your closet (they were fashionable once, right?) and even put on a fashion show at home.

  • Board games and puzzles

When we head out on a camping trip, board games and puzzles are a must, and they’re also the perfect way to fill those long days at home. If some people in your family have short attention spans, you don’t have to finish the whole game or puzzle – you can leave it set up on a table or desk and come back to it whenever you want. If you’re lucky enough to have your own let’s Go Caravan and Camping monopoly set, you can even work your way around caravan holiday parks as you play (and make sure to upload a picture of your game on Instagram or Facebook and tag us!).

  • Get crafty – make your OWN board game or puzzle!

If you don’t already have board games at home, or even if you’re just feeling creative and looking for a challenge, why not make up your own? It’s a craft project and hours of fun family entertainment all in one. Plus, when we can go on camping trips again, you can pack it up and take it with you!

  • Write a letter

With our social interactions limited at the moment, many of us aren’t seeing our friends or family as much as we’d like. While phone calls and video chats are a great option for keeping in touch, sending a good old-fashioned letter or post card can be extra special, and we know grandmas and grandpas in particular would love to receive a special letter or drawing in the mail.

  • Make a treasure hunt or obstacle course at home

Treasure hunts and obstacle courses are a great way to get active and add a bit of excitement to the day. Depending on the ages of your family and how much space you’ve got, you can add extra features like riddles or problems to solve, physical challenges or even a fun theme – a pirate map or an Easter egg hunt is always fun!

March 31, 2020

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