Do you know about Lay Up Cover?

Do you know about Lay Up Cover?

Most people don’t use their caravans all year round, so why have it insured that way?

Let’s Go Caravan Insurance offers its customers “Lay Up Cover”. You can receive a discount on your caravan insurance for every month you advise the team that you don’t use your caravan. Your caravan is still insured for any loss arising from accidental damage, fire and theft occurring whilst your caravan is within the gates, walls or fences of your home or agreed location as noted on your policy.  And the months you leave open allows you to travel the highways and roads to your next holiday destination.

The Lay Up Option gives you a 4% discount per month select off your annual premium for the period specified in your policy schedule.

This cover (and any associated discounts) does not apply and is not available if your caravan is your usual home.

To learn more about the Lay Up Cover and other options visit

Disclaimer: Before deciding to purchase Let’s Go caravan Insurance please read the PDS to make certain the cover suits your needs. Please refer to the Let’s Go Caravan website to obtain a copy of the PDS; www,”

January 23, 2019


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