Cracked Windscreen

Cracked Windscreen

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Cracked windscreen

On our arrival at Yulara we realised that we have cracked our windscreen. We think we know when we did it, but can’t be sure.

We measured the crack and sure enough it’s spreading which has led us to book in for a replacement at Alice Springs.

I have been really interested to see all of the vans and vehicles that break things and require maintenance along the way. It makes good sense that things happen, particularly on these roads and I now understand why mechanical support in towns is so valuable.

We could probably get by with the windscreen crack for a bit longer, but we have another chip in the screen in the middle of it and we don’t want the crack to extend to it as we could be in real trouble! Best get it sorted while we can so it doesn’t come back to bit us later on in the trip.

We have spoken to lots of people who have broken things along the way and it seems as though this is another important component in the road trip journey. Clearly staying on top of maintenance and taking appropriate precautions and generally travelling with care is key to minimising risk along the way.

Kath McCann

June 3, 2018

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