Caravan and Camping with Frankie J. Holden & Michelle Pettigrove

Caravan and Camping with Frankie J. Holden & Michelle Pettigrove

Frankie J Holden and Michelle Pettigrove are not only husband and wife; they are also television stars, business owners and longterm fans of caravan and camping holidays.

Frankie, who many may recognise from his acting and presenting work (including his Logie-winning performance on A Place To Call Home), grew up in the Northern Territory. Throughout his childhood, every Christmas his family would take a four-week camping trip doing what he calls ‘rough and remote camping’ in the wet season!

Michelle grew up caravan and camping on the far south coast of New South Wales, taking trips to the area every year since before she was even born!

Now, Frankie and Michelle are the owners of Tathra Beachside Holiday Park in NSW. In the latest episode of our camping with the stars series, the couple share some of their stories and favourite things about caravan and camping.

Watch it here:

August 27, 2019

6 thoughts on “Caravan and Camping with Frankie J. Holden & Michelle Pettigrove

  1. dICK pARKER says:

    Great interview . puts a wonderful perspective on caravaning and camping

  2. Helen Bailey says:

    Great interview. two beautiful people making a difference!

  3. Merry says:

    Had the best time here for a week last winter. My travelling companion, puss, even got her own show bag with nibbles.

  4. cam, joy holt says:

    Great interview. Frankie and michelle have said it all about how great camping is. We also camped on the far south coast way back in 1975 and the first family we met was michelle’S who became lifelong friends. Cam and joy

  5. Rob geerling says:

    We had the privilege of staying at their park earlier this year and really enjoyed and would recommend a stay Their. All staff were friendly and cOurteos and the entertainment by some old rocker called frankie and his band was well woRth the trip,a special appearance by michele was also great to see. Not to mention the location close to bega and the lovely town of tathra itself for the photographers.

  6. VANESSA ANN Merriman says:

    frankie j holden

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