Camping Toilet Training with Mummy Blogger Bec ( 30 )

Camping Toilet Training with Mummy Blogger Bec ( 30 )

Caravan and Camping Mummy Blogger Bec

Camping Toilet Training

Parenting toddlers means toilet training, and if you thinking about getting on the road or are currently on the road with young ones this could be a major consideration. Mummy Blogger Bec has a range of tips and tricks to help young travelling parents through camping toilet training. Feel free to ask Bec about her challenges while caravan and camping all around Australia in the comments below.

Mummy blogger Bec is an open book who is prepared to talk about everything. she loves to chat over a wine or a coffee so feel free to head over for a chat if you see her and her family at the local caravan holiday park. Or ask Bec a question in the comments below and let her know what topics you’d like to see her cover in her blog.

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February 9, 2018

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