A day in the life of a mum on the road

A day in the life of a mum on the road

I always thought those travelling families were constantly happy, without a care in the world, with children that happily played and were always safe where ever they went. The parents always got along because they have so much time to relax and enjoy themselves! Well, now that we are a travelling, caravanning family, I know first hand that this preconception is not totally accurate!

Part of it is definitely true, though if you have children (three of them for us) then things are still just as busy and the challenges of family life are still there. The daily demands of a mother will always be present. Life is just different, and this new way of living takes some getting used to. Space is limited. We are constantly bumping into each other in the caravan, and things need to be immediately put away or the van looks way too messy.  Dishes need to be washed and returned to the cupboard, the children’s items need to packed away after use and put in their baskets on their bedsor the place looks trashed. The van can look trashed very quickly!

It does take some getting used to having to constantly tidy the van but then I think to myself “wow, I only have to keep this tiny little space clean as opposed to a big four-bedroom house like back in ‘reality land’. I have so much more time to spend with my family. 

I also love the fact that we are outdoors so much more exploring the different places that we visit. When we are at caravan parks, our kids are playing at the playground, swimming at the pool, finding new friends, and just finding new and interesting experiences in their new surroundings. When we are camping, the children are exploring and appreciating their surroundings in a new light and loving it. 

Full time travel as a family has many challenges. Once these challenges have been worked through, life on the road is so much fun, and the new and exciting things we experience and learn together as a family are what bind us together.  


Livin’ in a van down under

March 1, 2019

2 responses to “A day in the life of a mum on the road”

  1. Kaya says:

    Thanks for the update Jess, was wondering how yOu were finding it as a mum ☺️ Looks great, keirra is really missing stella but shes fine. All the best for the rEst of your travels, look forward to the next update xx

  2. Lyn Kerslake says:

    WE love foll your travels and your honesty regarding the fact that some things dont change, yet you IDENTIFY so many pOsitives with your ‘ new normal’..
    I can imagine when its time to head back to the real world not one of you will be ready. Leaving Everyone so much richer for the experience..
    Safe trAvels always..
    Ps Dad is a looker!

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