The Alice Springs adventure continues!

The Alice Springs adventure continues!

Day 17:  Tuesday 2/10/18

Today we started again with a live cross with Studio 10, where we did a bacon and egg roll cook off.

We had to make it for Robbo and the best roll would win.  On our roll we put eggs, bacon, ketchup (Robbo’s must have ingredient) and a small amount of parsley, with seasoned tomatoes and more parsley on the side.  It looked delicious!

Next we went to School of Air, where we learnt about the history of the school, what the criteria of being a student of air is and what they learn each day.

After some lunch, we went to the Reptile Centre in Alice Springs, where we learnt about geckos, snakes, pythons and lizards, as well as a crocodile amed Terry.  I had the awesome opportunity to hold an Olive Python, Bearded Dragon named Isobel, two Blue Tongued Lizards and a Shingleback.

It was amazing, however, I don’t think that mummy would agree because she stayed back the whole time.  I also saw some Thorny Devils eating ants, I have never seen a live Thorny Devil in my life.  After a long relaxing break, we headed out for dinner at The Overlander Steakhouse, where I had a chicken schnitzel and a chocolate brownie to fill my hungry stomach.  Tomorrow we are going to go camel riding and we are so excited.

Day 18:  Wednesday 3/10/18

Our daily live cross with Studio 10 started up at the Star Talk platform at BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, where we showcased the Apollo Motorhome that we have been living in at the moment.  After that we went to Desert Park where we watched a bird show, patted dingoes and saw emus.  The bird show showcased different desert dwelling birds found in the centre of Australia and their unique talents.

Some of the birds I saw were falcons, owls or kites, but the most surprising bird was the magpie.  Next we went to the dingoes and we got sniffed out and licked at by Marle and Digger, they looked so harmless in this calm nature it seemed hard to believe they were not pet dogs.  With the filming finished we continued to explore the park by looking at the emus, nocturnal house and desert river.  Finally, we left and went to do an interview at the ABC Alice Springs radio station with Nadine, then going to an art workshop.

At the art workshop we learnt about the Aboriginal symbols in art and some of the things painted, for example, honey ants.  We got to create our own artwork on a sand canvas and mine was shaped as a boomerang.  The moment we all had been waiting for was about to happen when we arrived at the camel riding place.  I rode on a camel named Goodboy with my mum, as we rode around for an hour on what felt similar to a horse ride.  Coming home exhausted we had dinner and went to bed.

October 7, 2018

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