12 Days of Christmas 2019

12 Days of Christmas 2019

It’s that time of year again!


We’ve come together with all the best caravanning brands to bring some Christmas fun and prizes to all our wonderful followers, that’s you!

This year on each day of the competition you will have 2 chances per day … that’s right, 2 chances, to submit an answer for the daily question to win the daily prize.
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November 12, 2019

363 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas 2019

  1. Gaye Matthews says:

    I would hit the road and travel round Australia. Quit my job and all and be free for a while

    1. Marlene shannon says:

      Have leased the farm and going on our trip at last so eXcited after 37 years of hard slog

  2. Glen fernandes says:

    Leave everthing I am doing and travel round Australia.

  3. Paul williamson says:

    Take my mum on a well deserved holiday

  4. Wendy O'Brien says:


  5. As Xmas is approaching fast, 12 days to go until at last, it will all be over for another year, i’d pack my van and a block of beer. To Tasmania i would go, to see the sights and maybe snow. forget about the household things, enjoy the fruits that travel brings, relaxation and lots of rest with my lovely partner, “simply the best!!”

  6. sharron Smith says:

    Imagine world is perfect escape to outback Qld sleep under stars cook by campfire if only for few weeks return to work planning next trip

  7. Grant Davis says:

    I would quit my retirement and go gold proSPecting and travelling around this big country

  8. Sheri Joynson says:

    Drop every thing and go live the free life

  9. Sheri Joynson says:

    Live love and be free

  10. DaPhne bailey says:

    Head off On our bucket list round Australia trip.

  11. Jessika zen says:

    I love nature.

  12. i love to travel with my wife and grandchildren and anything that would make our life easy on the road would much appreaciated

  13. John ramage says:

    Would love any type of camping gear but would really love a minelab gold monster for the kids from Santa. Just to get them out into our great country looking for gold and treasure.

  14. Alison Smith says:

    A camping nanny to look after the kids while I sleep and read my book!

  15. On the first day of entry my truE love sAid to me…….
    I wish we were camping under a pear tree

  16. Allen Young says:

    JUst travel & leave everything behide & be free spirit & Enjoy Thank You

  17. Karen Payne says:

    [email protected]
    would love to win a off road caravan,would love to travel all around australia before i get to old. love everything about camping this is where you find new people to meet

  18. 1st day prepare van. Wash, brakes, suspension, Lights, food. Ready set go.

  19. anastasios says:

    How nice will it be to jump on your caravan and hit the long road in front of you.no rat race for a while just the great expanse in front of you that australia is,waiting for you to discover!
    this is EXACTLY what dreams are made off.

  20. On the first day of CHRISTMAS my true love gave to me – the freedom to travel, see the country and meet good friends!

  21. Jayne Van der Zalm says:

    Freedom and a room with a view

  22. Helen Pollard says:

    Explore places in our big beaUtiful country that i’ve only dreamt of and seen on tv or read about

  23. Helen Healy says:

    I used to go camping a lot when the children were younger. Not so much now and I would love to do it again, especially now we are retired.

  24. Helen Griffiths says:

    The best gift would be a week away anywhere that is tranquil, PEACEful and i’m able to escape the Normal routine of life. This would make my year and fill my days WIth joy, simply bliss!

  25. Peter hill says:

    I have 8 kids so any prize would be greatly appreciated. Anything that would keep them entertained while camping like camping games, fishing gear or even a free camping accommodation voucher would help to get out more.

  26. Jody Osborne says:

    Silly i know but new plastics for the annex to keep the rain out it would be a little extra room for the kids to play while the rain passes over

  27. Just getaway and relax, preferably by runnIng water or the beach.

  28. Sue says:

    we would be able to go back and further explore some of tHe most magical places around australia we have seen plus explore tHe beautiful places we diD not manage to get to.

  29. Just follow our heart and travel our wonderful country

  30. MARK Clayton says:

    To a place where we can be at one with the Aussie bush

  31. carol horn says:

    i;d be away to the outback like grease lightening ,hat,sunscreen, water,and a big sense of adventure ,hooroo .

  32. Liz Clarke says:

    We have travelled so much of this lovely country of ours … but i miss doing it so much … we would love to do some more.

  33. Bruce Nobles says:

    been back 1 day and ready (want) to go again

  34. Liza taperell says:

    I woulD appreciate either some hikers socks for hubbys feeT so i do not have to smell them in a confined sPace or a portable blender so i can create cocktails to Deal with them.

  35. david kerr says:

    ” We have such a wonderful country ” . I would rather travel what we have, on our doorstep, than the rest of the world.

  36. Cliff Hand says:

    Travel with my family from victoria to cape york for the trip of a lift time!!

  37. Ann bowe says:

    Just get up and go

  38. JILL says:

    i would FIND THE HIDDEN PLACES and towns to visit and soak up their local charm. and enjoy my cuppa tea in a different location each day.

  39. Phil Conway says:

    The best camping themed gift this year would be some new led camp lights

  40. Ann bowe says:

    Leave it all behind, see the greatest land o in the earth

  41. Davina dearden says:

    I would pack up with my husband and start travelling this Beautiful country t0 see as much as we can while we can still travel. Lets go caravan and camping thankyou for this Opportunity

  42. Diane House says:

    The best camping themed gift would be a caravan. Doesnt have to coSt the world. Just something to let me do what i love “camping”

  43. Catherine Phillips says:

    The ultimate dream to pack up the busy life for one on the road.

  44. J flanagan says:

    Holiday what holiday wouldnt know what a holiday is havent had one for years.but would love to have a brAke 🤩

  45. Christopher Collins says:

    Who Needs To See The Rest Of The World, When We Have All Of Australia To Explore?

  46. Rebecca rj snowden says:

    My 2 year old foster chiLd Would love A table and chair set, mickey mouse visits alot And loves to sit with him which crEates a magical time for all

  47. Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.

    Screw the caviar , i want to travel australia .

  48. David noy says:

    I would like to take my wiFe. 2year old daughter and 5week old daughter camping around the best Beaches in victoria To show them what i had when i went camping with my brother and parents when i was a kid because camping adventures you always remember for a life time of memories.

  49. Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.

    Screw the caviar , i want to travel australia .

  50. Dont worry about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey .

    FOrget the caviar ,lets just travel australia .

  51. Janine Avard says:

    Campung & getting away from it all is the utmost luxury!

  52. jim benson says:

    We would run away from the grandkids babysitting duties and enjoy retirement.

  53. life is to short to keep thinking about what you should do lets just do it and why not do it travelling this beautiful country call Australia in a caravan/camper

  54. Desleigh hollows says:

    I would pack up the caravan, find a nice cool creek & chill out to my hearts content…the serenity..bliss

  55. do it while you can , done a fair bit of travel and there is nothing like it. thE PEOPLE AND THE SCENERY YOU WILL SEE WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY. THE MORE YOU DO THE MORE YOU WILL WANT TO DO.

  56. Jenny Edwards says:

    On the 1st day of christmas my true love gave to me …..a caravan camping holiday

  57. Jason Waters says:

    30 years in the same company since i was 16, its time for a break. C’mon wifey and kids, lets get outa here.

  58. Carl ure says:

    What a great way to start the christmas month with twelve days of gifts. Anything wOn would go towards setting up our children and grandson into camping..

  59. Karenne Larson says:

    Loved travelling around this great country of ours for 14 years and still more to see. bring on the next 14 years.


  61. A prize for each day im away, how awesome👍🏻😄😂

  62. Yeah well sold the house, packe the van and just need to finIsh work and off we go – the FISHERMAN and his best caTch🥰

  63. Joe Albanese says:

    The free camp site book would do us to a tea. CAravan parks Are getting too expensive for a family of 5.

  64. Ruth rokesky says:

    Travel to all the fantastic places all around Australia and see what this awesome country has to offer

  65. Anne Whitehead says:

    Adventure before dementia

  66. Scott colee says:

    I would USE it to live in with opportunities to work and travel.

  67. Alison Holman says:

    As My Family gets older and have started to spread their wings and spend more time with friends I’D love to organise a Family trip away to reconnect and visit some of the Amazing places our beautiful country has to offer
    Lets go caravan &camping

  68. Greg Keep says:


  69. Graham bowen says:

    Go to my shed plug the powEr into the van and imagine were traveling 😎

  70. Kevin Thomson says:

    Like others that have commented, my wife and I would like to travel around this great country of ours while it is still ours. camping and fishing as we go.
    And maybe some day share the experience with our grand children

  71. Mike Boje says:

    Great to see the great Austr alian dream to do the big lap is alive and well.

  72. Mike Boje says:

    Great to see the great australian dream to do the big lap is alive and well

  73. Noelene brady says:

    JUst drive away with my husband and caravan


  75. Susan Dowling says:

    Will be travelling around Australia soon

  76. Jason ratcliffe says:

    We would love to have a camping pantry to have our food more sorted as we Currently keep it in a plastic storage tub.

  77. Tania King says:

    love the 12 days of Christmas.. love to win something special to help us with our future travels

  78. cindy ward says:

    I would just love to get away Merry Christmas to me

  79. Chris smith says:

    Id been gone never to return got to love that

  80. ken sibley says:

    We would close the front door, pile into the car and just drive as theres so much to see and do.

  81. Tracey drescher says:

    An electric shower pump. Ours died when we used it at hE when our hot water system died.

  82. Merv Barnes says:

    Auatralia ,has beaches bush and snow, it has mountains plains and deserts,opals gold and saphires , fossils lakes rivers, Bushranger , cobb and co and aboriginal history all this and more ; on a land mass of 7.692 million km2 and people think is it possible to see all this in a life time ?

  83. I would travel around this great country exploring all that I could

  84. Catherine McMullen says:

    We would take the grandies on a trUe Australian adventure.

  85. DAVID MONTEITH says:

    Take the kids and grandkids on a well deserved holiday

  86. I would travel to Remote spots with my family to Get back to nature to look At the stars and Make memories rhat last forever

  87. Deb says:

    TIME TO HIT THE ROAd and get some kilometres on the clock. kick back and relax with the family time!

  88. Alexander Faith says:

    Retired so no holds I would travel this wonderful land until I die a life long dream

  89. barbara tom says:

    Drop everything ,hitch up the van and go ,go , anywhere to enjoy our country .

  90. Peter Caban says:

    WEll this would help us on the way to the Big Lap for sure. Keen to plan that trip.

  91. george says:

    i would travel this wonderful country of ours and see all my wife and i could .

  92. Christy seymour says:

    I want A shirt that says…I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super sexy camping lady. But here I am, killing it!

  93. Deb says:

    Pack up the kids and lets follow the sun !

  94. Christy Seymour says:

    I want a shirt that says…I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super sexy camping lady. But here I am, killing it.

  95. I would take the kids in an amazing road trip aRound our beautiful country.

  96. Would live to show the kids our beautiful country While caravaning.

  97. Mel murphy says:

    A babY webber Q so i can cook feasts while caping for all my frie and family

  98. Camping with kids teach them so much and the fun they have is good to see.

  99. Anne Turnbull says:

    I would be off like a rocket and no looking back

  100. Barry Fisher says:

    Love to travel in my caravan seeing placeS that i haven’t seen before in all of austr

  101. stephen says:

    would get outback for longer and avoid melbourne’s winter

  102. Barry Falvey says:

    Had to give up work for medical reasons , so i would love to travel around this beautiful country and see all the sights to see and take my time and enjoy all there is to see.

  103. Karen blake says:

    I would love a new tent for Christmas to take my husband and three boys camping as we love the outdoors especially fishing.

  104. Wendy Teasdale says:

    We would hook up our caravan drive out to the hiGhWy then flip a coin to see which way we will travel around this AWESOME co7ntry of ours. Visiting family along the way.

  105. Kids are grown,and feet are itchy, travelling around Australia in style would be a dream.

  106. I would love to receive a cast iron cookware box set. It has all the things I need to cook on an open fire, and it’ll last for years.

  107. Christopher David Kearton says:

    We live in a beautiful country so it would be great to set off around Australia and show my partner how great it is

  108. Julie says:

    Hit the road to where it takes us

  109. Julie says:

    Where ever the road take us

  110. Sosjadd says:

    We all live in our comfort zones, so break the shackles and get in mode, load the van and hook her up, hit the road as enough enough, all it takes is that first step, so don’t grow old wondering why, hit the road and enjoy that time

  111. Michelle Segers says:

    We’d head to Ularu – hoepefully after it has calmed down next year – can hardly wait but we need to set ourselves up first!

  112. Jill says:

    My 12 days of christmas will be spent making contact with all our family and friends. this includes writing cards and letters to our friends that live away, arranging get togethers with friends that live locally, then booking in at a caravan park to spend time with my family away over the christmas break. busy but very satisfying knowing we have enjoyed some christmas cheer with all the special people in our lives.

  113. Geoffrey Webster says:

    we would get on the road and travel and explore this great land

  114. KERRI Paine says:

    I would reconnect with my freedom and hit the highway for another trip around this massive country.

  115. WOULD LOVE Glow in The dark guide ropes… always always always fall over them!! And it’s worse when u have a few Christmas drinks🍻🍻🍻..

  116. Louise McDonnell says:

    Ive always wonder what it would be like to just pack up and go, to experience Our amazing , diverse country. There is no better place in the world

  117. Robert Cummings says:

    After 6 MONTHS around Australia on the pension my wife is writing a book with photos and watercolour paintings on how we did to inspire over pensioners to follow in our footsteps

  118. The Bucket list is that my wife and I drive from Brisbane to Mount Isa via Rockhampton, Mackay, Julia Creek and then to Mount Isa. In 1966 id did this as an 18YO and then to the Isa to commence work as a cook for 650 single Mount Isa Mine workers.

  119. Amie grech says:

    A family sized tent so I can take.the biys camping away from all the tech and games and show them real family time, fishing camping.. fun

  120. Christmas comes but once a year and you always think what I have to do before hand to make things easier on the day. Does that ever happen No because on most occasions every thing is left to the last minute.

  121. Dianne jacob says:

    I would love solar panels or a solar shower to harness all the heat to help us camp comfortably.

  122. Peter Elliott says:

    The Open Road has so much to offer in Australia – great vistas, friendly people, interesting stops. can’t wait to get out there again

  123. Susan Ganser says:

    Pack the Husband, pack the dogs and tell everyone I have my mobile on me if you need to talk to me. bye!

  124. Margaret Winks says:


  125. Noel Sharp says:

    Awesome, i would collapse then a week later start planning

  126. I would go bush to experience australia’s wonderland!

  127. Susan McKenzie says:

    My Xmas wish is to go camping Off grid, so some portable solar panels would really be great to get into the the remote areas to stay and explore for longer!

  128. JOAN hEAD says:

    Now that we are retired. lets pack up the tent and be off. “every day is a Saturday”

  129. Chris Powell says:

    Thought 1:
    One must first give ones self time to think so retirement Is a must!
    Thought 2:
    Next step, spend the 12 days of christmas travelling the west to take in the peace and quiet of the country and escape the hectic coastal lifestyle, leaving one to appreciate more what we have here closer to the ocean.

  130. 12 friends are partying, 11 kookaburras laughing, 10 dogs are barking, 9 parking tickets, 8 cyclists cycling, 7 kids are screaming,
    6 couples swinging, 5 golden beaches…., 4 champagnes, 3 migraines , 2 burnt roasts and a caravan to escape it all please?

    Oh, and a leave ticket from work to keep travelling.

  131. Barry says:

    Been very sick so the wife and our girl doggy need to get away from the bad time and let our hair down

  132. i retire in 12 days, so after 49 years of work I would like to see the rest of australia and Make some of my dreams come true

  133. Leonard Oates says:

    Pack the van, round up the cat, hook up the MUX and turn left or right at the end of the street, and see what happens.

  134. lynette cooper says:

    traveling adventage around australia, enjoying great outdoor on open road

  135. ELAINE NORRIS says:


  136. Joy Grounds says:

    I would put my husband in the driver’s seat hook up the caravan and we would head off in any direction we felt like going.

  137. Explo and caravan across austr is the inly way to see this majes couNtry i am proud to call hoMe

  138. fai moloney says:

    I would plan to see all seasons, look at all history of most stops and try to be present at each stop remembering each stop is the most beautiful

  139. Glenn mangan says:

    Point, steer and live the dream.

  140. Myra Hentschel says:

    Pack the camper-trailer, hook it to the car and travel up to the top end of oz and enjoy the hot weather with less clothes than we wear down south.

  141. Yvonne kime says:

    Just hit the road and see where it takes me. So much to discover in this great place 😍

  142. Laurie Boyle says:

    Love to be out there camping, birding and detecting in the great outdoors

  143. Craig Rudduck says:

    Hit the road to travel to some of the great tourisT destinations in WA.

  144. Colin jerome says:

    Take a bucket list trip to the great ocean road stopping whenever we see something interesting. No schedule. no time limit. freedom.

  145. David Craker says:

    I would love to head out to north queensland for 6 months holiday and twice a year

  146. Sonja says:

    Love to do a lap of Australia, thanks for doing this giveaway.

  147. K & J Walker says:

    Will do 12 different trips of 12 different lengths to see 12 different lots of family/friends

  148. Karen Shawcross says:

    Step outside of our town and experience what is on offer just down the road.

  149. Karin Walker says:

    A shower tent would be great instead of hiding behind a towel

  150. dianne kidd says:

    Hard to choose one thing camping because everything camping is awesome but an NRMA voucher would be amazing because there are so many really great places it could take you.

  151. Sally Cowley says:

    Get busy doing some serious travelling, sooo much to see & do in this fabulous country

  152. John Nichols says:

    feel the fresh RUNNING waters of the wild rivers, creeks, wateralls and watering holes of the outback

  153. Patricia Van Deventer says:

    We love our Sunburnt country to travel far and wide.

  154. Barrie Smout says:

    let’s go caravan and camping is the life my
    my wife and I love. seeing our amazing country and meeting like minded people. it’s the best.

  155. Barrie Smout says:

    let’s go caravan and camping is the life my
    my wife and I love. there is so much too see and so many great people to meet. bring it on.

  156. Kaylene simpson says:

    Pack up and go see The best country, australIa.
    So much to see.
    LEts go‼️

  157. John McKenna says:

    just retired waiting too win an awsome prize so i can enjoy myself…oh and the wife

  158. Carol White says:

    On the first day of Christmas My True love can give to me, a NRMA voucher so I can go and camp under a tree

  159. Chris J says:

    Just follow the sun in this wide and wonderful country of ours!

  160. Linda stapleton says:

    We woukd Pack up and do big lap around australia

  161. Chrs J says:

    An opportunity to connect with nature, to “sing with the voices of the mountains and paint with all the colours of the wind”.

  162. JUDITH BURTON says:

    Day 1 entry. Just love to travel our beautiful country.

  163. Neil Brown says:

    Take off and visit some of those towns that need visitors during the hard times of the drought

  164. Christine Thomas says:

    I’m currently broken down side of road
    Christmas tree on back of 87 Nissan NIVARa and phone is stuck on caps.
    Any movement right NOw would be great. Except FOr bowels lol merry christmas

  165. Steven Clarke says:

    Try and enjoy some me time for a change and do nothing but travel

  166. Brian Annear-Walker says:

    Check the van, pick up our dog Diesel, connect the prado to our Coromal van, head out onto Charlotte street turn left at the end of the street, and set off to explore our wonderful country

  167. Christopher Brewin says:

    I Would Love to Have nice carvan and
    four-wheel-drive for towinG to see ouR beautiful Australia county because I haven’t been on holidays Sesince I was 8 year old now im 37

  168. Robyn Annear-Walker says:

    I’d Pack the van and my dog diesel, fill the an with good food and head off in our Coromal van around our wonderful country.

  169. Mo says:

    Retire and GO travelling!

  170. I’d load the gear the wife and the daughter and head towArd the territory. God knows we could do with a break

  171. jessica says:

    The theme I would pick would be ‘travelling the aussie road with my nana and pop the most loved and memorable way in a caravan’.

  172. Adrian Mitchell says:

    looking forward to become a grey nomad and just go.

  173. Call in sick, pack up the kids, dog and husband and hit the road.

  174. A chance to take a break, breath more, eat more and relax!

  175. dAVID kERMEEN says:


  176. Loraine Bali says:

    On the 1St day of Xmas by true love said to me….lets hook up the van and be free

  177. Sharon walsh says:

    Xciting times to be had
    Memories to be made

  178. Holidays are near due but MY $$ are so few. I am sad and blue. A CAravan and camping escape would be a dream come true .

  179. Rhonda says:

    I would set off to travel this big wide country to see as much as i could before i get too old.

  180. Sharyne Gottwald says:

    What an awesome competition. We just love the caravan and camping community. Caravanning and camping is all about family, meeting people, sitting back and relaxing, taking your time to take in all the sites and making new friends and memories along the way.

  181. A Christmas wrapped caravan ready to rock n roll…

  182. Warren says:

    Have been workIng for 2 many years so a cruise around australia would be a good start

  183. Ross Graham says:

    Anything to get me on the road for an adventure with the wife and kids. So much to see in this great southern land.

  184. Marylynn ladbrooke says:


  185. Lisa Dillon says:

    It is the festive season to be Jolly so let’s all travel to our favourite destination with safety, comfort and our GPS Maps and lotsa HO,Ho,HO.

  186. Barbara mustert says:

    Load the cat, mayby hubby too, food and clothes and lets go.

  187. John Horton says:

    Been touring the country for 4 years now and I think I need a holiday.

  188. mick whelan says:


  189. the caravans ready, hooked up to the Mitzi, out comes Jack sparrows compass and we ask for the place we want to visit most , and we are gone.

  190. Jenni says:

    Pack up , hit the road , spend quality time with my husband, enjoy beer o’clock all over australia.

  191. Rodney Reddacliff says:

    North, south , east,or west.
    Flip a coin.
    Now hitch up and go.

  192. Lyle grayson says:

    Throw the swags and camping gear in the back of the ISUZU ute that has been fully fueled with diesel and just drive out of the street to the highway out of the city to the outback.

  193. Sandra Luschwitz says:

    I would TAKE MY LONG SERVICE LEAVE AND hit the road and travel First to Tasmania AND THEN TO broken Hill to Revisit my youth.

  194. Sandra Luschwitz says:


  195. Sandra Luschwitz says:

    Would love this amazing opportunity to explore our beautiful country

  196. Charlie clydesdale says:


  197. carol says:

    I would travel to Honey Moon Bay past Kalumbaru in far remote wa, this would be the van to tackle those roads and wash aways.

  198. Kim Gooding says:

    mY dream (all my life) has been to travel around Aussie. My plan next year is to start my trip. I will do it on my own with my dog “Pirate”. I need to do it now, while I feel my health is stable, not wait, and say,in the future, I didn’t make it. Happy to travel, tow or camp in any vehicle available at the time.

  199. Stephen page says:

    On the first day of Christmas, hook up the van
    On the second day of Christmas, load my wife
    On the third day of Christmas, off to Flinders Ranges
    On the fourth day of Christmas, climb the highest peak and see forever
    On the fifth day of Christmas, explore dry silent creeks
    On the sixth day of Christmas, enjoy our kangaroos and emus
    on the seventh day of Christmas, have a true bbq over the hot camp fire
    on the eighth day of Christmas, shake hands with others
    On the ninth day of Christmas, show our great land
    on the 10th day of Christmas, explore stars in our heavens
    on the 11th day of Christmas, slowly leave beautiful flinders ranges
    on the 12th day, rest my tired eyes, good night

  200. David Moyes says:

    I’d hit the road on my daughter’s dream trip around our great country that would certainly make her Christmas

  201. Maree McFarlane says:

    Travel the country is all i want in retirement.

  202. Diana Lomas says:

    My wheels are already spinning! Roll on 12 Days.

  203. Debbie Kumor says:

    I would go on a Big Thing Adventure all over Australia to find more wonderful Aussie towns that you normally wouldn’t visit

  204. Every year its a tough decision
    Mildura or st Leonards
    This year st Leonards wins

  205. Tara cotton says:

    We love to camp at straddie. From the minute you get on that bardge you really feel like you are getting away. The locals are amazing, the beaches are pristine. The local store just melts my heart. And well, they have a pub so…………. I’m in love

  206. Ian says:

    Probably stay home because I haven’t got AN anti theft gps unit.

  207. Tracey James says:

    Explore our own country first & have a van so we can stop & go whenever we like. My dream since childhood

  208. Gayle says:

    Take the opportunity to hook up the patrol and head off to discover more of this great land.

  209. Amber Isgar says:

    Chuck the kids and husband in the car and away we go!

  210. angela kelley says:

    Grab hubby and the dog and DISAPPEAR for a few weeks.

  211. Chrystal davies says:

    Our favourite place to camp is minnie water at christmas tIme with our family and friends to do plenty of fishing and beach days! 🤗

  212. Natasha nunn says:

    I would pack us up go on an AMAZING adventure across Australia camping stargazing at nightand finally making it to the most beautiful place in the PILBARA karajinni national park

  213. My favourite Camp is coffs harbour, the Coffee, Vibe, beaches and beautiful surroundIngs just maKes it the ultImate getaway Destination Especially with kids.

  214. Another place i Loved on our travels and is A close second to Coffs harbour is, Albany W.A. The scenery Is magical.

  215. Paradise beach in victoria. Lovely little spot, very friendly people and its right on the beach. They get into tgr christmas spirit with lots to see and do

  216. Davena Reschke says:

    Love to pack up the van and head to the beach with hubby and the doggos 😍

  217. Judy Hillier says:


  218. Stuart Mitchell says:

    Pack up my troubles in my old kit bag (caravan) and smile, smile , smile (drive, drive, drive – around Australia, with my wife)

  219. jennifer syme says:

    summer and its snowing in victoria, raining in sa and with scorching heat elsewhere – i want to EXPERIENCE BANJO PATTERSON’S vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended,
    And at night the wond’rous glory of the everlasting stars. a LAND OF HEAT AND FLOODED PLAINS.

  220. Belinda OSullivan says:

    Spending it with family on dairy farm. Already have travelled 3800K’s with van and car. Now time to milk those cows…

  221. Chris tonner says:

    What would be better than GIVING the old girl a crash course on HOW To pull the van while being able to reach back to the engEl for some refreshments ??
    and enjoy thIs great country of ours.

  222. Yvonne Wilkins says:

    Pack up the caravan, pick up dog and set off over from QLd to the NT And over to the west to broome, after all 48 years off being in australia i have never been there but heard its a beautiful part of this beautiful country to explore.

  223. sharon miles says:

    HOok up the scorpion to the d max .head across the creeks ,down the rivers check out the bungle bungles,uluru and snowy mountains to start.

  224. Diane Skinner says:

    Having just come back from my first overseas trip I would love to explore the beauty and diversity of Australia with my family.

  225. Barry Low says:

    I would pack my swag and hit the Frog and Toad and see all the wonderful sites of oz.

  226. Grant petrowsky says:

    somewhere on the murray river with my family and close friends. Just a simple and easy christmas without all the hype

  227. Judi bransden says:

    my thoughts on the 12 days of christmas? FabUlous! Time to round up the partner & kids & cause were going camping! WHere ever ouR HearTs desire or where Ever the car takes us, around AUSTRALIA i say! 🇦🇺

  228. Paul says:

    Get away from the missus!!!

  229. Cindy brown says:

    Pack up the hubby and kids and travel our wonderful country!!

  230. DaPhne bailey says:

    Down by the riVer not Even very far from home. So peaceful and cool

  231. DaPhne bailey says:

    Down by the river with family and friends, nOt even far from home. So peaceful and cool.

  232. wayne stevans says:

    Well i have to win to pay for the repairs to the diesel i was working my way around Australia

  233. Karen Blake says:

    My favourite camping spot to spend christmas is at Taylor’s lake fishing with my husband, dog and my three boys.

  234. Lisa pires says:

    Travel along the coast line to sydney

  235. Lisa pires says:

    Travel a Long the coast line to sydney

  236. Elizabeth Hetherington says:

    i just love going almost anywhere in our motorhome and meeting up with our friends for a few days. It feels free free free.

  237. WOULD LOVE a camping fridge/freezer and solar panels and battery.. this would make camping EASIER! And of cause keep the drinks cold 24/7.
    Then when I win the caravan.. we are out of here!! Yay!!

  238. Jackie Blanch says:

    Spend Christmas in Outback Australia; where they need the dollars tourism can bring. Let’s Give them a Christmas too!

  239. Ordet Lowe says:

    pack up THe dog and be gone.

  240. Deborah tinker says:

    Hand drill Screw in pegs…. goes straight through that “concrete” dirt!!! Gets me to that beer that mich quicker!

  241. Kathryn McCarthy says:

    After calling in briefly to Beechworth, we both decided the area is one which really needs exploring. I believe Autumn is stunning in this area, but we called in for the night in September and found it so lovely and of course there are all the other small towns and villages in that North East Corner of Victoria to explore. THIS AREA IS CERTAINLY ON OUR Bucket List.

  242. Sally miller says:

    all holidays are the best…thanks for the opportunity to win

  243. Elaine Carr says:

    Anywhere away from home for awhile anyway.

  244. Our favourite please is one of many, camping In NATIONAL parks or camping by the beach. Christmas is great anywhere with the family as long as we are together

  245. Jen says:

    Rest sit back and enjoy 😉

  246. Adele K says:

    Peaceful Bay west of denmark wa. Peaceful by day, peaceful by nature.Peaceful Bay is just that, peaceful! Perfect for swimming & snorkelling, kite surfing & enjoying camping

  247. PHILLIP davies says:

    Some thing for special people in your life.

  248. celebrating 2019 chrismas day lunch and fireworks with friends and family in the comfort of my scorpion caravanture camper on the top of Mt wellington.

  249. Karen post says:

    My favorite spot is up in the mountains where it is beautiful and cool. The blue mountains is my favorite.

  250. Celebrating 2019 chrismas night with friends and family in my caravanture camper.
    overlooking the Sydney harbour bridge from cockertoo island camping ground with friends and family awaiting for a sighting across the sky of the arrival of Santa’s sleigh.

  251. Margaret says:

    Check out all the amazing places up & down the east coast. Love carvaning & camping

  252. Rock up to a mates place to gloat about the new toy. Then we would sit down over a cold cordial and make plans about where to visit first.

  253. matt skinner says:

    Kids , pajero start the speedo at zero
    leave with the early rays and head off for summer days
    foget the EMail as we follow the trail

  254. Ritesh choudhary says:

    I love cAmping . I travel all most victoria australua

  255. julie franklin says:

    never been caravanning. will buy a van then explore

  256. julie franklin says:

    never been on caravan. will buy one if i win

  257. jannette Menere says:

    I would Pack up the camping gear,grab the dog and fuel up.Travel to Port Douglas , explore the town Christmas spirit,meet the locals.Laze about until Santa found me.

  258. Krystal Borg says:

    Would love to show my son around our beautiful country in Australia cause time is short and they only stay little for not so long family holidays memories

  259. Jaime colley says:

    Hot hot hot Christmas to you all

  260. DaPhne bailey says:

    Aussies in the outback sun

  261. DaPhne bailey says:

    AussieS in the bush tent

  262. Coral Wolrige says:

    Day 3: “How I got wet”

  263. I would call the movie laid back Camp the aussie way

  264. Would love to take my grandson and daughter on a great christmas holiday a life time adventure

  265. I woukd call my mOvie :- Silent night, camp Fire’s Bright

  266. Ingrid Rudolph says:

    Hop-a-long dundee

  267. Linda Mc says:

    Card games and cross words and the Nintendo 64 super Mario always gets a dust off.

  268. Joanne clarke says:

    My kids love gaking bocce to play as not many kids do and they ask to join in great way to make friends whilst CAMPING

  269. John says:

    Just get away

  270. darryl hollis says:

    Can’t go past a friendly game of poker with the neighbours till late at night

  271. We love to play rummycub, also the original trivial pursuit is AL WAYS a winner on a wet day with a glass of red.

  272. Kate Hooke says:

    Our fAvourite camping game is to see how many different types of birds we can find. Our trip best so far is 42!

  273. Jane P says:

    Load up the car, leave instructions for santa on how to find us (need a GPS tracker), and head off somewhere coastal

  274. Amy Macdonald says:

    We love making treasure maps with the kids and hiding little treasures around for them to find. We play for hours making the maps then finding prizes. Great game for busy little kids.

  275. “Travel around the country side ask the rogers couple ” and Max the dog. Gray nomads.

  276. AlicIa says:

    DEFINITELY pack the family up and Chase the sun! Seem winter appears to be still hanging around here!! Fun,sun and family time!

  277. Kylee s says:

    Allow my Kids to experience the ‘real’ world

  278. Take the kids to great out back Adventure to one best.camping spot at carnarvin George were swim were they PLAY Marko polo an hide seek

  279. we Don’t Play games just sit and relax or make new friends

  280. Kathryn McCarthy says:

    This should be a very pleasant expEXPERIENCE I should imagine. Just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the park facilities.

  281. Kathryn McCarthy says:

    For me the 4wd package would be a real safety bonus as I have never driven off road and have always relied on my husband to do this.

  282. Kristy says:

    My partner and i always always enjoyed playing a bit of scrabble when we go camping away

  283. Innes heritage says:

    How about a game of “guess how many rum balls I can eat in one sitting”? Winner takes the remaining rum balls, of course.

  284. Sheryl says:

    My Family always gets their uno on! Clear away the dishEs and get down to serious uno battles!

  285. Carol Baxter says:

    Quiddler skip-bo quirkle – lots to choose from! All packed up and ready to go with us on any trip!

  286. We enjoy playing uno and triomiNos with our gra

  287. Amanda says:

    A game where the kids won’t argue

  288. Emma jessup says:


  289. Emma jessup says:

    travel around all of qld and nsw with the kids

  290. Charity Ballinger says:

    We have a family tradition when we go camping, we love playing Yahtzee.

  291. We will be playing find the christmas presents, the presents will be hidden around the campsite for the children to find

  292. Damian kirkham says:

    Cards against humanity will be one of the games to be played this xmas plus there are many more to dO aswell cheer

  293. During the We like to go for adventures to find as many different anImals and flOwers, swim, Teach the grandkids to cook and at night spotlighting.
    Everything is themed Relating yo chrustmAs.

  294. Sue sherry says:

    Uno is our game and my husband is so lame
    He TRIEs HIs hardest to win but he just takes it on the chin .we have many hours of fun while following the sun.

  295. Daphne Bailey says:

    Backyard Cricket and water baloOn fights

  296. Daphne Bailey says:

    Water games

  297. Mike Cunningham says:

    I would travel the mighty murry river from start to finish

  298. darryl hollis says:

    Anywhere in tassie

  299. I would take my motorhoMe ANYWHERE that is safe and enJoYAble and safe arOund australiA

  300. Travel to Broome and back to Victoria again
    Would be great Xmas trip

  301. Carol Baxter says:

    Six grey nomads
    Snow white-haired nomads
    Racing Santa Claus through the blazing sun
    Six White Caravans
    Kicking up the dust
    On this Australian run

  302. I love to get away even for a long weekend in our caravan and explore this great country of ours do some grabbing sit and relax with a cold beer under a great tree on an afternoon then light up the barby and watch the stars for hrs

  303. Larissa ey says:

    I’d love to go to western Australia as I’ve never been there before. A relaxing holiday away from work is always good for the soul. Ive always been told to make holidays a priority as one day you may never get the opportunity.

  304. I would take the motor home to the beach for Christmas..any beach! Just love the beach.. and family what more do u want at Christmas! Xxx

  305. Ed Bergman says:

    kids have grown up and moved out, so time for my wife and myself to do the same, Australia is calling! need to see as much of it as we can whilst we still can.

  306. audrey bergman says:

    time to pack up and see australia, husband can do the driving and I can be sipping and checking out the sunsets and beaches. australia is a big place so 10 years should do it!

  307. JUDITH BURTON says:

    Great DAY for vanning. Anytime.

  308. Despina Laura Tarca says:

    Holy Christmas ou !oi ! could be the movie title and QLD outbreak is the true camping destination if only I could have a tent at least. Something on the Wishing list .

  309. I would pack a bag hit the road and see the country areas and outback and give soMethi g to the communities that are stuggling with the drought

  310. Daphne Bailey says:

    A cool river spot Where we could just chill

  311. Karen Shawcross says:

    TO meet new people, like minded, to see our big back yard.
    learn more about my husband after 40 years of marriage.
    do dreams really come true.

  312. Robin shave says:

    Ahhh my dream. No hooking up the van. Just hop in and go. Tasmania here we come. Do i need a passp to go overseas 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  313. Gavin Leorke says:

    Myself and the family would rent out our house, pack up the dogs, the horse, motorbike and gear and travel australia, while we are travelling we would home school our kids. See the wild and wonders of our country.

  314. My partner who has worked very hard over the past 5 years as a full time nurse and I would travel Australia and explore the wonderful parts of this lovely country. we would lease out the farm (15acres) while away.

  315. Luke Carden says:

    Take my one legged wife on her dream holiday from Byron Bay to Perth after her op 16 months ago

  316. Karen symons says:

    Find a long winding river and camp along it’s cool banks would be awesome for my family.

  317. Barry Mansfield says:

    Always enjoy visiting new places and experiences,also meeting new friends

  318. David Brewer says:

    find a nice quite place by the beach

  319. Kelly says:

    Yep, camping by the river catching trout with my nice cold cans of kentucky straight bourbon whiskey!

  320. Well we are in tasmania so no warm summer here 🥶 so a bundaberg rum to warm our bellies would be nice.

  321. Daphne Bailey says:

    Water, it’s always the most refreshing

  322. Daphne Bailey says:

    Always water to cool me

  323. We play band aid Do they its christmas and any other our grandchIldreN play

  324. All I want for christmas is mY two front teeth. Its peRfect this year Because my 7 year old is missing his two front teeth.

  325. Kate Hooke says:

    ‘Santa wear your shorts’ is always a fav if the wEather is kind but the ‘little drummer boy’ always seems to quiet the hAppy hour circle and bring a sense of joy and reflection

  326. Ashka Mckenna says:

    Aussie Jingle Bells Rock. Great to sing along to as a family when you are driving around in a Toyota Ute checking the stock.

  327. Kathleen Humrick says:

    Aussie jingle bells , by Bucko and CHamps

  328. Oh holy night,
    Beautiful song always Makes me think about family and what christmas is about.

  329. Jill Rodda says:

    Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

  330. Daphne Bailey says:

    Santa claus is coming to town, gEts everyone singing😄

  331. Water is the only drink to keep you cool In summer

  332. Andrew saunders says:

    This year it will Be ‘old town road’ by lil Nas and billy ray cyrus. whenever its played ouR whole family break out into song and dance, we all love it.

  333. cassandra king says:

    We sing all the traditional Christmas songs as a family like jingle bells and who cannot go past Rudolph the red nose reindeer. we are also singing all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth for my daughter 🙂

  334. Margaret Chafer says:


  335. darryl hollis says:

    Any would beat a tent or swag

  336. Charity Ballinger says:

    My husband and I were looking at the Winnebago Esperance, it ticked all the boxes for us & loved the layout and the furnishings. Would be A dream to travel Australia in comfort. Our home away from home.

  337. I w get a camper traIler so i can go anywhere any time

  338. Simone says:

    A Fly net to Keep out those pesky flys! Sometimes its the simple things

  339. Brenda Oates says:

    My chair and footstool!

  340. Angela james says:

    Best Camping accessories by far the camp Stretchers. Lay back and EnjoY the breeze while the kids play in the pool.

  341. Our favourite item is a rechargable Fan go anywhere keep cool

  342. Daphne Bailey says:

    Camp chairs to relax in

  343. FIFI-JOY says:

    Camping is For Healing the Soul…We Would Love that feeling…to not have a care in the World…ahhhh!

  344. FIFI-JOY says:

    THE top End would be an amaing place to visit on a camping trip with Hubby & The Two Kids!!! only seen it on tv. =(…

  345. Kathryn says:

    In July 2020 I am travelling to the big red bash as part of a 3 week outback tour with my partner and 2 best mates to celebrate my 60th birthday! I am beyond excited to CELEBRATE this way being a TRUE blue aussie chick!

  346. Kathryn says:

    Oh my camping essential will be my camp oven! Love the challenge of amazing the camp with awesome tucker!

  347. Our favourite item will be My Fold up chairs. I love to relax jn them with a nice glass of wine waiting for tge camp iven to cook my roast dinner. living the dream

  348. John Radzevicius says:

    Just need a good holiday love to win it thanks

  349. christina oliver says:

    My best camping item would have to be the plastic wines A must for all lady`s camping, Its set up before the campertrailer before hubby starts oreding me around grab that peg ,hold that rope.

  350. Nadine Edwards says:

    Set in the beautiful Victorian high country, with her beauty you can’t miss,
    With valleys that go for miles, and meandering rivers you can fish,
    Valleys and mountain ranges, as far as the eye can see,
    There is no other place this Christmas, I would like to be,
    Enjoy the great outdoors, at its very best,
    Horse riding and camping, or putting your vehicle to its test,
    Hiking, mountain biking, and plenty of history to learn,
    Therefore, the Victorian high country, is where each Christmas we return.

  351. Daphne Bailey says:

    Our favourite river Spot

  352. Natalie williamson says:

    A FAMILY PARKS holiday is where we would be…
    off on an adventure, my family and me.
    let’s go caravan and camping, seeking out fun,
    enjoying an aussie summer, sand sea & fun!
    so grab the pets and the gear, as summertime is here,
    Off we roam to our coolum beach holiday home 😀

  353. Tree up, presents wrapped earlY, setTing the christmas menu making the grandchildren happy

  354. Getting together with the Girls CHRISTMAS Eve Preparing ChristmaS food. With christmas Music, wine, love and laughteR.

  355. Daphne Bailey says:

    What goes Ho, Ho, Ho, thump?
    Santa laughing his head off!

  356. Daphne Bailey says:

    Love the pavlova

  357. Love my baked ham and rOasted vegues

  358. Lyn Cornege says:

    On my Christmas table you will see,
    A roast with crackling made by me,
    And one thing always praised,
    Is the baby carrots, honey glazed,
    These sides are perfect, I must boast,
    But it’s dessert we love the most!
    Fresh meringue with chocolate mousse,
    Layered and layered, really let loose,
    Eating it is an experience to remember,
    Probably why it’s only made in December,

  359. Kathleen follington says:

    Christmas pudding and brandy custard yum ohhhh

  360. Carrol Sim says:

    Would love to take my work-a-holic friend on a holiday up north even only for a week with mum and myself. We could all do with a good holiday and experience places new and different

  361. Kathleen follington says:

    Christmas pudding and Brandy custard yummmmo

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