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Discover the freedom in a Coromal.

Coromal today is enjoying the success from over 25 years of experience in manufacturing caravans for the Australian market. The well-deserved reputation Coromal enjoys is a result of the original design concept to produce a caravan able to withstand the harsh conditions experienced in the north west of Western Australia.

Through their extensive national sales and service network, Coromal provides you with the opportunity to select a caravan of your choice. Caravanning is a great experience and the caravan you choose is therefore very important.

Coromal place great importance on towing ability, because they believe that if the van tows well then the journey is a breeze and you can arrive at your destination without stress. The friendly Coromal staff can give you all the advice you need before you hit the road, including different tips and hints on towing, storage, maintenance, operation and service of your caravan.

Your caravanning journey with Coromal will be a pleasurable experience and will leave you looking forward with great anticipation to your next adventure on the road.

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