Bushtracker Australia

Bushtracker Australia

Bushtracker is the ultimate independent 4×4 caravan at home in the bush! With caravans that make their own purified water with a sterilization unit, power self sufficient with solar panels, compressor drive fridge units Bushtracker do not aim to be the biggest, just the best.

Bushtracker start with the best and strongest four-wheel independent suspension, then for maximum strength and longevity they incorporate an off-road trailer in and under the engineering and design.

They even add a watertight door to close over the caravan door for crossing rivers and floods. The Bushtracker is water tight to 1.2 metres! That can really save you and it is a big help in the bull dust as well!

Bushtracker offers the self sufficiency to wander and see all that Australia has to offer – not just the sights that can be seen from the road.


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