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With seven years of experience, Safari Caravans is an Australian caravan manufacturer. They offer high quality custom made caravans and also ready to use ones. Safari Caravan is situated in Campbellfield, Victoria, on the northern side of Melbourne.

They can accommodate the necessities of any customer with caravans ranging from:

  • Non-shower vans and pop ups
  • Family Vans
  • Ensuite Vans
  • Off-road Vans

Additionally, all of these caravans are customisable to your liking in terms of physical size and interior design.

One of Safari Caravan’s most successful products is the Safari X-Trak, a large off-road caravan with a luxurious high quality timber and marble finish. It is also fully equipped with a queen-sized bed, three gas burner, plenty of storage, adjustable showerhead amongst many other features! It can also go off-road very easily with its high-durability suspension and chasis.

If you want a high quality custom made caravan, Safari Caravans is perfect for you!

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Make sure your next Recreational Vehicle purchase carries the RVMAP Key.

When looking around to purchase your new Caravan, Camper or Motorhome make sure you look for the Accreditation Key! The RVMAP Key represents the business�s commitment to consistently supply product that adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations. When making your purchase, have confidence in knowing products from these businesses are regularly inspected against this commitment.

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