The Sam Mac Convoy has left! ( heading )
Make sure you tune in each morning to Sunrise to watch Sam Mac and the three lucky families on their Camping Road Trip.
If you like to know more about the parks and book a holiday to enjoy the same fun as Sam, below is the five awesome parks that are featuring throughout the week.
You can also find follow the journey on our Facebook page, each day we will post some video footage of the day
Below is the list of parks and the date that Sam is there! Come join the fun each morning if you’re around!

Monday 26th: BIG4 Saltwater @ Yamba Holiday Park

Tuesday 27th: BIG4 Tweed Billabong Holiday Park

Wednesday 28th: BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park

Thursday 29th: Rivershore Resort

Friday 30th: BIG4 Sandstone Point Holiday Resort