Stuart Family Complete Their Journey – Queenstown to Hobart

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The Stuart family are currently enjoying an amazing trip through Tasmania, and making the most of a holiday package won through Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Reconnecting is Key Competition. They are sharing their adventure with us via blog and photos! They very much enjoyed travelling from Queenstown to Hobart.

The Last Leg – Queenstown to Hobart

So here we are on our last leg of our Tasmanian adventure. It’s a pretty big day of travel organised from Queenstown to Hobart which according to the maps is only 3 1/2hrs.  But of course that’s non-stop and that was never going to happen when there’s still so much to see.

After setting off for Lake St Clair we were pleasantly surprised with the lack of traffic on the road having only seen a handful of cars coming the other way for around an hour and a half. So many changes of landscapes to see with beautiful lakes, rainforest and winding gorges through what felt like the last frontier of the world.

More surprises in store after arriving at the Lake St Clair Visitors Centre with views back towards the mountains which still had snow caps. Just surreal with the lake in the foreground and snow in the background. It’s the sort of place you can’t help but just slow down and soak in the atmosphere.

After some nice hot drinks at the café we headed off to Russell Falls.

I was determined to take the tripod for some steady shots of the falls as we’d read they were really nice and I’m glad I did at they are not big but very pretty. The farmlands around the area gave no indication of this little gem hidden up in the hills that these turned out to be. A short walk from the visitors centre (again done really well with café and quality gift shop) and here we are at the falls.

With a touch of sadness we’re back into our little Apollo Camper to push on to Hobart. Queenstown to Hobart was a big day but how good to be greeted by the friendly team at Big4 Hobart where they checked us in. They made sure we were sorted with transport back to the airport then next day, as we had to drop our little champion camper back first thing in the morning.

It’s been a great holiday in Tassie. Much more to see and do than we had thought with conversations often pointing to what we’d like to do when we come back.

Again, we’d like to thank the people who helped us with the trip including the Let’s Go Caravan & Camping team, Big4, Discovery Parks and Apollo Campers helping us make some truly wonderful memories and reconnecting our family with some quality time together!

The Stuart Family

What’s Next?

Follow the Stuart family as they travel across Tasmania by visiting our website.

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