How to store your caravan

Category: News, Date: 7 July 2015

If you’re not constantly on the road, chances are you’ll need to store your caravan at some point. These tips are most useful for when it will be off the road for a few months, but many are important even when it’s just going under the house for a week or two.

  1. Empty out all food and perishables, and leave the fridge door ajar to prevent mould and odour.
  2. Jack your tyres off the ground and put stands under the axels so there is no weight on your tyres – this can cause flat spots. Make sure you also wind down the corner stabilisers to add stability to the whole unit.
  3. Turn off all gas cylinders
  4. Keep a vent or window open to prevent it from getting stuffy and/ or mouldy. If you’re storing it outside (not undercover) be mindful to close up the hatches during inclement weather.
  5. As sealants deteriorate, regularly check the interior to ensure no moisture enters.
  6. If connecting to power at home, ensure that the power point is a 15 AMP installation. Most households would only have 10 AMP outlets. If necessary, engage a licensed electrician to install a 15 AMP outlet. It is both illegal and dangerous to operate 15 AMP caravans off of a 10 AMP supply.
  7. If your caravan will be kept outside, purpose-made caravan covers offer added protection for the exterior of your caravan.
  8. Ensure your 12 volt plug is not left dangling on the ground, as this will cause deterioration, and the electrical lead should be disconnected.
  9. In the case of the vinyl on pop-tops or the canvas on campervans and tent trailers, these should be occasionally aired to maintain these items in perfect condition.
  10. If you packed up your campervan or tent trailer while it was wet, you must thoroughly dry it out before storing.

Originally published for Let’s Go Caravan and Camping by The Retiree

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