How to create the ULTIMATE holiday at home this Easter

Category: Date: 9 April 2020

With the usual Easter road trips on hold this year, many of us are preparing for an awesome at-home camping trip instead!

While it’s not quite the same as your usual camping trip, it can be just as much fun and a great way to spend the holidays with your family.

If you’re new to camping at home or are short on ideas for how to take your holiday at home up a notch, here are a few ideas from us!

1. Decorate your campsite. We’re talking plants, fairy lights, sleeping bags and pillows, flags… anything you can think of to make your at-home camping set up look and feel authentic. If you don’t have a tent at home, you could create a friendly competition at home for who can make the best fort out of sheets, chairs, and whatever other furniture you have!

2. Ditch the screens. For an authentic feel, we highly recommend limiting screen time while you’re camping at home. If your family is used to playing computer games or watching movies, now is the perfect time to dust of the books, puzzles and board games.

3. Get crafty. If you want some extra decorations for your campsite, there’s no time like the present to brush up on your DIY art skills. We’ve got some fun suggestions here. 

4. Eat your favourite camping meals. To make it feel like you’re really at your usual campsite, we recommend eating exactly as you normally would on a camping trip! There are heaps of camping recipes you can recreate at home, but if you need some inspiration to get started we’ve put together some good options here.

5. Set up some friendly competitions and challenges. If you’re up for a challenge over the long weekend, friendly family competitions are a great way to pass the time and get everybody excited. Here are a few ideas:

  • Set up a treasure hunt/escape room in the house

For something that will get the kids’ brains active while they are out of school but is also fun and interactive, an at-home treasure hunt or escape room is a great DIY activity. Difficulty can be varied in relation to age groups or tailored for personal hobbies or specific knowledge for each person. To fit in with the holiday theme, you can easily transform it into an Easter egg hunt!

  • At-home plays

Pick the family’s favourite movie, and each pick your favourite character from that movie. Then dress up and recreate scenes from that movie in character. This will get everyone working together and is sure to bring a few goofs and laughs – just what we need in this time!

  • Family Master Chef

Each family member gets to create their favourite dish, each person then votes for the best one. Leftovers will then keep the fridge stocked for a couple of days – win win!

  • Iron Chef – Home Edition

Similar to above, but given a specific ingredient that each person has to feature in their dish and see how creative they can get!


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