South Stradbroke Island Campgrounds

South Stradbroke Island Campgrounds

The South Stradbroke Island camping grounds are completely surrounded by native bushland, with white sand dunes facing the blue Pacific Ocean on the Eastern side of the Island and the magnificent Broadwater on the Western side.

There are three camping grounds on South Stradbroke Island, including Tipplers at the northern end of the Island, North Currigee and Currigee at the southern end. All campgrounds have toilets and showers. One of the best features of South Stradbroke Island is its lack of commercial development, and for this reason, visitors to the campgrounds need to bring all necessary supplies with them.

There are several ways to get to the island including boat hire, charter or water taxi. Advice will be given on Gold Coast departure options and most suitable mode of transport at time of booking your South Straddie Island camp site.

This really is a camping trip to get away from it all!

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