BIG4 Casino Resort

The BIG4 Casino Resort offers the completeness and state of mind that comes with going on a vacation. Located very close to the Casino airport, and only a short drive to the CBD, the RV resort is fully furbished and contains the facilities that any sized group would need.

A large variety of powered and un-powered sites are offered of varying sizes from 10m long to 12m, which can accommodate vehicles of all sizes. Each site is divided from each other by set of various shrubbery for some privacy and personal space. Amenities are available in most sites, and if not directly accessible, there is almost certainly a nearby amenities block.

RV Resort has plenty of facilities for use such as public shower and toilet blocks for disabled and non-disabled people, kitchen facilities, swimming pools, dump points community movie nights and a recreational games centre.

Although not within walking distance  of any beaches and national parks, busses regularly arrive nearby the resort. From there you can visit beaches, mountains and Casino city. However there are plenty of activities to do within the resort itself; with club houses, hangout areas, lawn bowling, movies and billiards, to keep you preoccupied.


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