Food Safety while on the Road

Category: News, Date: 4 August 2013

Food safety experts recommend packing dry foods, canned foods and freeze dried foods which are safe to eat without refrigeration and have the added advantage of being low weight and easy to carry.

Fresh fruit and vegetables can be taken on the road but in warm weather some deteriorate quickly so be careful and where possible buy fresh local produce rather than bringing it all from home. 

The containers you choose are a huge part of being food safe. Make sure you choose the right size containers to bring with you so that you are not carrying extra boxes and packaging you don’t need. Plan your meals ahead to reduce wastage as reheating leftovers can be unsafe if you do not have refrigeration available. Containers with a tight seal are the safest way to keep your foods fresh and tasting delicious on the road. A great option is Freshield, the Australian owned world-leading vacuum seal packaging. With different sizes, storage and preparation guides and world leading technology Freshield is one of the safest ways you can store your food while caravanning and camping.

Here are some more tips to keep your food safe while caravanning and camping:

•    Don’t pack food if it has just been cooked or is still warm. Coolers cannot cool food enough to prevent bacteria growing.

•    Meat and chicken juices can easily leak onto other food in a cooler – make sure you package any raw meat and chicken in leak proof containers and place them on the bottom of the cooler and away from ready to eat food.

•    It’s a good idea to have a fridge thermometer in your cooler or portable fridge to check on the temperature

•    Always defrost any frozen food in a cooler or refrigerator when camping.

•    Canned food is safe to keep at room temperature but it tends to be too heavy to carry in any quantity when bushwalking.

•    Hard cheeses can be taken without refrigeration, or in an insulated cooler, but avoid taking fresh, unmatured soft cheeses unless you have access to refrigeration.

For more information on caravanning and camping food safety, how to vacuum seal food and much more visit thisFreshield website.

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