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Category: Follow the Sun Relay, News, Western Australia, Date: 8 November 2018

WOW. Yesterday marked our first official day on the Dometic Follow the Sun Relay, and it was definitely one for the books!

We arrived in Broome at about 6.30pm on Monday night, and since we weren’t picking up the Winnebago until the following day we booked a room at Broome Time Lodge. We were only there for a night but it was very comfortable, and we loved that the rooms came with a kitchenette and continental breakfast (who doesn’t love free food, right?!). They also have an art gallery which is a great touch, and definitely not something you see in every hotel!



After a quick swim we walked down to Apollo to pick up our home for the next two weeks, and it was instantly clear that this was a rookie move. The walk from our accommodation to Apollo was just over one kilometre, but in the Broome heat it was more than enough to work up a sweat! We thought our QLD weather was hot, but this was new even for us! We made it to Apollo in one piece and after a quick induction we were ready to hit the road and really start our adventure.

Our first stop was the visitor centre, where we got some great tips and also took a look at the free pearl display- Broome is famous for its pearling industry and the history behind it is amazing. We then headed to the Mangrove Hotel to check out what we’d been told was the best view in Broome- and it did not disappoint. Pictures don’t do it justice, but the colour of the water is amazing and made even more breathtaking by the contrast with the red dirt.

After a quick drink to cool down, we headed over to the iconic Matso’s brewery for lunch (and of course to taste-test some of their famous brews). We just had lunch, but you can also do a guided tour- this place has a lot of history behind it, which is documented through photos and articles all over the walls. As soon as you step inside, you can see why it is so well known. Not only are the food and drinks great (our favourite was the ginger beer), but the relaxed atmosphere is perfect as well.

After lunch we headed down to Town Beach and then the Historical Museum. The museum looks quite small from the outside, but we were amazed at how much there was to look at and learn about inside. We didn’t know too much about Broome prior to coming here, but we learned a lot while at the museum, particularly about the pearling industry and the different cultures in town.

After a quick stroll through Chinatown (rookie mistake #2 was going in the afternoon when a lot of the shops were already closed) we took a drive to Gantheaume Point for the famous dinosaur footprints. We both love dinosaurs and history so this was an absolute must for us and a highlight of the day so far. We’re not actually sure if we saw the dinosaur footprints (it turns out it’s tricky to differentiate between the footprints and natural formation) but we thought this one looked pretty promising- what do you think?

Whether or not you want to see the footprints, this place is an absolute must if you are ever in Broome. The views and formations are absolutely spectacular- we went at low tide just before sunset and it was perfect. Once again, the photos don’t do it justice, but it is one of the most amazing sites we’ve seen and we could have spent hours there.

Make sure you wear proper shoes though- some of the rocks are pretty slippery so they could be a hazard in thongs!

After we were finished living out our childhood palaeontology dreams we drove down to Cable Beach for sunset and got there just in time. There’s nothing quite like watching a sunset on the beach and this one was particularly special and the perfect way to end our first day on the Dometic Follow the Sun relay. We even saw some of the famous camels!

After a long day, we made it to Discovery Parks Broome, where we were met with lovely hospitality and a waterfront site! We connected the motorhome and set everything up (and by ‘we’ I mean Ridge), then made ourselves a quick dinner and then passed out in bed after a massive day. 

We are about to head to Eighty Mile Beach and are already having the best time. Stay tuned to follow our adventures!

Jess and Ridge

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