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Tent Trailer

✓ Sleeps from 2-8 people depending on the layout
✓ Models suit all conditions, from sealed roads to extreme off-road surfaces
✓ Once opened the living area is very spacious

Tent Trailers and small camper trailers are perfectly suited for couples and young families. There is a wide range of models and floor plans available for any budget. For a basic tent trailer, box trailer with a canvas top, prices start at around $5000 and increase from there depending upon the build, design and inclusions. Part of the appeal of the Tent Trailer, is that they are compact / low in height, which means you can store them in your garage, carport or shed. Smaller Tent Trailers are lightweight and can be easily towed by a wide range of vehicles including a regular sedan or small SUV. Remember, even though they are lighter than caravans, all trailers that weigh more than 750kg require a braking system.

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