DOGGY-DOs by Campdog Maggie

Category: News, Date: 27 October 2016

Hi! Campdog Maggie here to give you the doggy lowdown on travelling with your best friends. We dogs know exactly what’s happening when you start packing the bags to go away, so you can only imagine the joy when we realise we get to come along too!

A heap of caravan holiday parks are pet friendly these days so all it takes is a little forward planning and we can all go on holiday together.

7 DOGGY-DOs for Planning a Caravan and Camping Holiday

1. Get your dog used to long drives

Sometimes us doggies get sick in the car, so it’s worth taking us on some longer car rides before we all set out on holiday together. This helps prepare us for the long drive and helps to get us used to the pet harness or being inside a pet carrier. Also, it’s best not to feed us right before setting out –  we don’t like to vomit all over the car any more than you like cleaning it up!

2. Check your dog is fit for travel

I hate to say this, but us doggies really should have all our vaccinations up to date before going on holiday because we might come into contact with unvaccinated friends. The vet can also recommend any flea or tick treatments than can keep us safe while we explore new areas. If we have health issues, take a print out of our medical history in case we have to visit a vet on holiday.

3. Make sure your dog has ID

We know you have us microchipped and we are glad this helps us find you when we get lost, but on holidays we don’t want to get sent back home without you. Aside from checking our microchip details are current, please hang an ID tag on our collar that has your mobile number on it. We’ll find you in no time!

4. Pack your dog’s usual food

Going on a caravan or camping trip is exciting and comes with lots of new things we have to get used to. Please pack plenty of our favourite snacks and food so we don’t get an upset tummy or too stressed about everything being different. Our own food and water bowls from home help too!

5. Take your dog’s bedding from home

Us doggies love our own blankies and beds as much as you love your own pillow! Please pack our bed from home if you can – it will help us sleep better and feel more at home in these strange new environments we are all exploring.

6. Pack a zillion poop bags!

There won’t be any backyard where poop can wait to picked up on our caravan or camping holiday. Please make sure you have a zillion poop bags for all our toilet stops. We’d be so embarrassed to get kicked out of a caravan park because you didn’t clean up after us. And we definitely don’t want to be the cause of stinking up all the walking tracks we all love to explore.

7. Keep your dog safe and secure

We love to run off leash whenever we can, but when on holidays it’s best to keep us securely restrained. There’s so many scary new things that might set us off running and all those new doggy faces aren’t always friendly. Keep us on our leads when walking around and use a longer lead on a stake at the campsite. We’ll still get to explore but we’ll stay safe and sound.


That’s all from me! I hope you find my DOGGY-DOs helpful when taking your best friend on a caravan and camping holiday. Let me know in the comments!

Dog kisses from Campdog Maggie (WOOF!)

Maggie is resident and campdog at Armidale Tourist Park.







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