Create new memories camping with your family

Category: Date: 22 June 2020

Create new memories camping with your family!


This year has been a roller coaster, and for most people not the fun kind.  It may well have been disruptive for your family.  Now that restrictions are starting to ease, it is time for some family fun and to break up the screen time.

Did you know that camping has incredible benefits for children?  Not only is it a great way to spend quality time together away from distractions, it has great mental health benefits.


Bringing children into the great outdoors and teaching them to learn about the natural environment can create long lasting memories together as well as the obvious benefits of getting out and active that come along with it.  There are many lessons that you just can’t teach in a classroom.

With school holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan and book your next road trip or camping adventure!

Caravan parks is all parts of the country have gone to a real effort to make sure that in this time of increased health risk, there are precautions in place to keep your family safe.  This might include contactless check in, increased signage and clear directions around amenity usage.

Rest assured, if you don’t have your own caravan or camping equipment, there are many other great ways to explore and share this wonderful experience with your family.  Rental motorhomes are a great setup for families, and some even come complete with onboard bathroom facilities.  Cabins are another great option and are self-contained so you don’t need to worry about packing so much.

Whichever way you decide to travel, the communities you visit are sure to be grateful for your support after what has been a very difficult year so far.

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