Caravanning with Kids in Queensland

Category: CTAM Inspiration Date: 14 Mar 2024

Tips for a Memorable & Smooth Journey

Embarking on a caravanning trip through Queensland’s diverse landscapes is a dream family adventure. From the coastal gems of the Sunshine Coast to the tropical wonders of the Far North, every turn promises new discoveries. But, when kids are your co-adventurers, the trip demands a little extra planning and plenty of creative strategies.

Here are some indispensable tips for ensuring your Queensland caravanning expedition with children is both delightful and hassle-free.

Preparation is Paramount:

Before hitting the road, involve the kids in the planning process. Let them choose some destinations, and familiarise them with the route. The more they feel involved, the more engaged and excited they’ll be.

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Safety First:

Ensure all seats are equipped with age-appropriate car seats or boosters. Have a first-aid kit on hand, complete with all essentials, and familiarise yourself with the nearest medical facilities along your route.

Julia Creek Caravan Park (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Pack Smart:

Kids come with extra luggage, from diapers for toddlers to favourite toys and games. Organise storage solutions in your caravan, using vacuum bags and storage bins. For your next Queensland Caravanning trip, remember to pack a comfort item for each child. Whether it’s a beloved stuffed animal or a cherished blanket.

Warraba Sunflowers (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Plan Regular Stops:

Queensland’s vast landscapes mean lengthy drive times. Children can become restless, so schedule frequent stops. Queensland is dotted with rest areas, parks, and fascinating landmarks. Use these opportunities for bathroom breaks, picnics, and stretching those little legs.

Wildlife Habitat (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Entertainment on the Go:

While the scenic beauty of Queensland is captivating, kids might need additional entertainment. Create a travel playlist with their favourite songs, stock up on audiobooks, or play classic road trip games like ‘I spy’ or ‘20 Questions’. Portable devices can be a lifesaver but remember chargers or power banks.

The Story Bank (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Snack Attack:

Keep hunger pangs at bay with a snack box. Fill it with healthy options like cut fruits, nuts, sandwiches, and plenty of water. Avoid too much sugary stuff – the last thing you need is a sugar-rush in a confined space!

Agnes Water Beach Holidays (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Choose Kid-Friendly Campsites:

While the allure of a remote bush camp might be tempting, when with kids, facilities matter. Many caravan parks in Queensland offer amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and even kids’ clubs. The bonus? They get to make friends and enjoy supervised activities.

BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Establish a Routine:

Children, especially younger ones, thrive on routine. While it’s not always feasible to stick to their exact home schedule especially while caravanning around Queensland, try to maintain consistent meal and bedtime routines. A familiar bedtime story or lullaby can make sleeping in a new environment easier.

Southbank Parklands (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Equip for All Weather:

Queensland’s climate is diverse. The coastal areas can be sunny and rainy almost simultaneously, while the inland can get quite chilly at night. Pack for all eventualities – sunscreen, hats, raincoats, and some warm clothing.

Tugan Beach (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Embrace Flexibility:

While having a plan is great, sometimes the best memories are unplanned. A surprise detour, an unplanned ice-cream stop, or a spontaneous beach day can become the highlight of the trip. Go with the flow!

Paronella Park (photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

Travelling with children on a caravanning trip around Queensland is an enriching experience, seeing the world afresh through their eyes and sharing the magic of discovery.

While the journey might come with its challenges, the shared memories, laughs, and adventures will undoubtedly make everything worth it. With a pinch of preparation, a sprinkle of patience, and a big scoop of enthusiasm, your Queensland caravanning adventure will be one for the books! Safe travels, and here’s to making memories!

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